another award, oh my!

I was honored and thrilled to find out that  was awarding me with another award so soon after the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Isobel!

Conditions of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

1. Thank the person (cat) who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the Award on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.

Here are 7 things you never knew about Pedro the Cat:

1. I have extensive experience with gravity.  Did you know most curtain rods aren’t designed to hold 16 lbs of cat?
2. Sometimes I sit on my roommate cat, Kitty, to hold her down while I give her a really good full-body bath.
3. I enjoy watching the front-load washer.
4. I’m jealous of my friend Sammy’s thumbs. If I had opposable thumbs I would rule the world. You can see Sammy’s at
5. My absolute favorite treat of all time is Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese. It has to be Tillamook, and it has to be medium.
6. The top of my noggin is stained a little where the bath tub spout drips on me when I’m drinking out of the tub.
7. I’m going to be the most famous cat in the history of the universe.

Like a lot of my cat friends who have to sneak computer time when the humans aren’t looking, I’m having a hard time coming up with 15 bloggers to nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award.  So I apologize for not really having 15 more, and I apologize if I’m nominating anyone who already has been honored with the award… Here are my selections:  (Jimmie is lovely, especially his belly)    (Sprocket is lovely, and the photos are all lovely)  (Calpurnia is the loveliest creature ever to walk the earth)  (lovely cats who seem to share my grooming obsession)  (JhaJha has lovely eyes)  (I’m nominating them for all 9 of the remaining awards because the photos of Usyaka are artistic and stunningly beautiful.)

Thank you Isobel, and congrats to all!


trumped-up confusion

I’m so confused! Donald Trump is my idol, and normally I find him wise and fascinating in interviews and media statements. But this morning, I heard him say something so troubling that I’m not sure what to think. He said, “I think people should boycott Italy. They shouldn’t go to Italy.” I may have a phobia of marinara (the pink stains last FOREVER) but I love pasta. And Italian sausage. And cannolis. And mozzarella. And alfredo sauce with clams. Or without clams. Spumoni is a little scary, but there are so many other fantastic Italian things! I just don’t know what to think about The Donald’s statement!

my first award!

My friend Jimmie Chew from  nominated me for my very first award. I’m so excited that people (and cats) are recognizing my talent! Thanks so much, Jimmie.

Conditions of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1.  Thank the person (cat) who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Pass the Award on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it

7 things you never knew about Pedro the Cat:

1. I snore. And sometimes I talk in my sleep, too.
 2. I have a bit of OCD. I tend to “overgroom” when I’m stressed. (I still can’t believe there is such a thing as “overgrooming”! And therin lies the problem, I guess.)
3. I’ll dance on my hind feet for treats. For the right treats, that is.
4. I play with tennis balls.
5. I love to cuddle.
6. I can open the fridge and freezer, but I have trouble closing them
 7. I can count. If there are less than 20 pieces of food in my dish, I start to panic and harrass my human until she refills my dish.

(Drumroll please…)  In no particular order, my nominations are:  (Calpurnia is hot!)

Thanks again, Jimmie!

favorite photo rejects

I know I’ve complained about my human’s lack of artistic vision and photography skills in the past. And I’m sure I will complain about them again in the future. But I was going through the photo archives this morning, and I found a few rejected photos that I really liked and wanted to share with my adoring fans…

I like the texture of this one. My fur looks so soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, I also look like I have no neck.

This photo definitely makes up for the neck thing. I’m not sure why, but it reminds me of the Loch Ness Monster. Do you think Nessie might have been a really big cat???

I look so tough here! And my Soft Claws look really cool!

I think I have a pretty nice bum, and I’ve always been proud of my tail. This shot emphasizes those features. And I like that you can see that some of my foot pads are black. And I also like the fact that you can see my human still has that weird Christmas tree thing on display. It’s September.

I like this one because it shows my favorite hobby (grooming) and my spots look really good.  Don’t I look soft?

headshots for my portfolio

I’m eager to start working towards my career goals again, which is probably a sign that I’m starting to recover from my gecko snack… I’m still a little queasy, and when I feel bad I like to just sit on my human’s lap. (No petting; she’s just furniture.) Since we’re so close, it seemed like a good time to work on headshots for my portfolio.

Hmmm… I’m not looking like my normal, fabulous self here. Maybe I need another day off…

(My human says my ear hair reminds her of her pediatrician. He must have been very handsome.)

kitty karma?

I’ve been feeling a little green around the gills – I seem to have eaten part of a gecko that didn’t agree with me. My human said it’s karma, which I don’t really understand since I left the juiciest parts for her. (Wasn’t that altruistic of me?) Anyway, my quest for stardom has slowed down a bit while I recover…  Maybe this will help me lose a little bit of kitty fat…

the humiliation never ends

Yesterday my human came home with a fabulous-smelling Starbucks treat. I thought she must have forgotten my breakfast in the bag when she started eating without me, so I poked my head in there to see. What happened next was shocking…

Not only did she NOT bring home breakfast for me, but she laughed hysterically and took photos when I got the bag stuck on my head and fell off the couch. She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t hold the camera still…  When I asked for action shots, this is not what I had in mind.

no comment???

It was brought to my attention by some of my new friends that the “comment” button doesn’t work on my blog entries. I spent my whole day yesterday trying to figure out why… OK, I might have played with my ipad cat toy a little. And then needed a little snooze. But the rest of the day was spent working on my blog comments. Any minute now I’ll have it figured out…

cleanliness is next to cattiness

When I joined this household a few years ago, I took charge of hygiene.  It’s a huge responsibility, and I take it very seriously. I sometimes spend hours grooming myself, Kitty, my human, and anyone one else that might be within licking distance.

(My post-dinner bath was especially good tonight, since it took place on my new shopping bag. I love bags almost as much as I love boxes.)

planking failure

I know it’s essential for celebrity cats to keep up on all the latest trends. As soon as I heard about the hot new sport of planking, I knew I had to try it. I’m an expert at laying down, so I thought I’d be a natural… I seem to have underestimated how difficult it would be to get the leg position right.

A note for my visitors – check out for more information on planking. Always plank responsibly.  And don’t bother with owling – it looks really stupid.