no comment???

It was brought to my attention by some of my new friends that the “comment” button doesn’t work on my blog entries. I spent my whole day yesterday trying to figure out why… OK, I might have played with my ipad cat toy a little. And then needed a little snooze. But the rest of the day was spent working on my blog comments. Any minute now I’ll have it figured out…


5 comments on “no comment???

    • Hi Bongo,
      Thanks for being the first to test my comment button! I’ve never been friends with a dog, but since you fit in with the color scheme I could probably make an exception… You look like a working dog, so a friendship might work to my advantage. Could I ride around on your back like a horse? Or maybe you could just wait on me hand and foot?

  1. Hey Pedro! Way cool that you figured out the comment thing….you can add IT to your list of talents. I have a few dog friends myself – and even some fish (go figure) friends – but somehow they just don’t quite “get” the way WE think. However, if we can figure out computers, how far behind can dog training be???

    Your Bud in Virginia
    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

    • Hi, Sammy!
      I’m glad I figured out the comments, too. Everyone is so full of good ideas and advice for me! I have to admit that my only friends are human and feline, but I think it’s time to spread my wings (ha,ha) a little and befriend some other species. And if I can train a human, I’m sure I can train a dog! (Although my human does get a little unruly at times.)
      Pedro the Cat

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