the humiliation never ends

Yesterday my human came home with a fabulous-smelling Starbucks treat. I thought she must have forgotten my breakfast in the bag when she started eating without me, so I poked my head in there to see. What happened next was shocking…

Not only did she NOT bring home breakfast for me, but she laughed hysterically and took photos when I got the bag stuck on my head and fell off the couch. She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t hold the camera still…  When I asked for action shots, this is not what I had in mind.


10 comments on “the humiliation never ends

  1. Uhoh…..captured in a less than flattering moment huh? OK – here’s what you do… time your human is in a “compromising” situation; taking a shower, snoring away on the couch, freshly out of bed with her hair every which way – be ready with her camera! Yep – it’s all about “oneupmanship”……


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