kitty karma?

I’ve been feeling a little green around the gills – I seem to have eaten part of a gecko that didn’t agree with me. My human said it’s karma, which I don’t really understand since I left the juiciest parts for her. (Wasn’t that altruistic of me?) Anyway, my quest for stardom has slowed down a bit while I recover…  Maybe this will help me lose a little bit of kitty fat…


6 comments on “kitty karma?

  1. Awww, feel better soon!

    In Chinese medicine geckos are used to treat asthma. I know of some peeps who take their elderly, asthmatic kitty to a vet who also does herbal and holistic medicine and I guess the kitty does really well on the gecko formula she gets.

    • Wow, Littlemiao. You are a wealth of knowledge. We’d make a well-balanced team – I’m a little lacking in the knowledge department. I’m more like a wealth of… CAT. 16 pounds of cat wealth, to be exact. Maybe slightly less since the gecko snack…

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