headshots for my portfolio

I’m eager to start working towards my career goals again, which is probably a sign that I’m starting to recover from my gecko snack… I’m still a little queasy, and when I feel bad I like to just sit on my human’s lap. (No petting; she’s just furniture.) Since we’re so close, it seemed like a good time to work on headshots for my portfolio.

Hmmm… I’m not looking like my normal, fabulous self here. Maybe I need another day off…

(My human says my ear hair reminds her of her pediatrician. He must have been very handsome.)


10 comments on “headshots for my portfolio

  1. Glad to hear you’re over the gecko belly bomb thing Pedro…..you must be more selective in your choice of snacks. Hopefully another day of rest and you’ll be at your perkiest and ready for more portfolio work.


  2. Er, I think catnip might be good for tummies (it’s kind of minty) but primarily it would make you too happy to remember your tummy troubles. 🙂

    Happy Caturday from the Miaos!

  3. Pedro, you look marvelous (in my best Billy Crystal imitation). Am going to introduce your blog to my 2 cats. Girls, meet Pedro. Pedro, meet MeiMei and Sunni.

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