favorite photo rejects

I know I’ve complained about my human’s lack of artistic vision and photography skills in the past. And I’m sure I will complain about them again in the future. But I was going through the photo archives this morning, and I found a few rejected photos that I really liked and wanted to share with my adoring fans…

I like the texture of this one. My fur looks so soft and fluffy. Unfortunately, I also look like I have no neck.

This photo definitely makes up for the neck thing. I’m not sure why, but it reminds me of the Loch Ness Monster. Do you think Nessie might have been a really big cat???

I look so tough here! And my Soft Claws look really cool!

I think I have a pretty nice bum, and I’ve always been proud of my tail. This shot emphasizes those features. And I like that you can see that some of my foot pads are black. And I also like the fact that you can see my human still has that weird Christmas tree thing on display. It’s September.

I like this one because it shows my favorite hobby (grooming) and my spots look really good.  Don’t I look soft?


14 comments on “favorite photo rejects

  1. Now that would be a monstrous cat. Lurking in the deep? In water?? Most unnatural. Otherwise, tho, you are a monstrously gorgeous fella. My opinion. And being pretty gorgeous myself, I should know. Go easy on your bean. Those pics look pretty good to me. –Bugs

    • Hi Bugs! Some cats like water. At least I think they do… I like water, anyway… We are two good looking cats, aren’t we?

      P.S. Does anycat know how to make my replies land right under the original comment I’m replying to???

  2. Hi Pedro….nice pix….soft fur, paw pad color variation, extendable neck, fluffy tail – your human did a good job capturing the essence of Pedro. A dude with attitude (or “tude” as we cool cats say).

    Your bud, Sam

  3. I think these photo rejects are gorgeous. Maybe it’s just impossible to take a bad picture of you. I especially like the tail plumage and soft claws.

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  4. Hi, I came by after reading of you on Jimmie Chew’s post. I absolutely love the kitty cat blogs! Yours is gorgeous too 🙂

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