my first award!

My friend Jimmie Chew from  nominated me for my very first award. I’m so excited that people (and cats) are recognizing my talent! Thanks so much, Jimmie.

Conditions of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1.  Thank the person (cat) who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Pass the Award on to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it

7 things you never knew about Pedro the Cat:

1. I snore. And sometimes I talk in my sleep, too.
 2. I have a bit of OCD. I tend to “overgroom” when I’m stressed. (I still can’t believe there is such a thing as “overgrooming”! And therin lies the problem, I guess.)
3. I’ll dance on my hind feet for treats. For the right treats, that is.
4. I play with tennis balls.
5. I love to cuddle.
6. I can open the fridge and freezer, but I have trouble closing them
 7. I can count. If there are less than 20 pieces of food in my dish, I start to panic and harrass my human until she refills my dish.

(Drumroll please…)  In no particular order, my nominations are:  (Calpurnia is hot!)

Thanks again, Jimmie!


9 comments on “my first award!

  1. And again I can feel lots of positive energy here! 🙂 Maybe the thing wasn’t in your greeting only ( which I wrote about in answer to your comment in my blog) but in the whole attitude. But anyway, I enjoyed the post so much, especially the info about the great maths skills – really impressive, bravo!

    Thank you one more time for the award award!

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  3. WOW….Way cool….thanks a lot Pedro for the honor of being on your list of 15 faves! We enjoy learning all about you too and look forward to your blogs as you scratch your way to the pinnacle of stardom! We’ll be following the guidelines for passing on the award but might not be able to come up with 15 new blogs – we don’t actually FOLLOW that many… least yet….but we will pass it on to those we know.

    Thanks again my friend Pedro….and a BIG congratulations on receiving your own Versatile Blogger award from Jimmie Chew.

    Sam, One Spoiled Cat

    • Aloha Sammy! I hope your award helped your pawsitive attitude. I had a hard time coming up with 15 blogs, too. But you’re the coolest cat blogger around (except for me!), so you were on the top of my list!

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  5. Greetings Pedro and thank-you!
    BTW, all the best cats snore. You can hear a recording of Cat snoring on my page. I would be interested to know how your snores compare!

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