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 Pedro thinks he’s been let down – you should see how disappointed I am!  I was really looking forward to living the rest of my years as an only cat in a quiet and peaceful home…

And I even donated my new shoe box for Pedro’s journey, so now I don’t even have a comfy box to lounge in!


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  1. Well, hello Kitty……we haven’t met but I sure understand why you would like to be the only cat in the house. However, I just bet Pedro has similar thoughts (!) from time to time. You guys just join paws and sing a few choruses of Kum Ba Ya (or however you spell that) and do a “high five” …… 🙂

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

    • From Kitty:

      Hi Sammy. I’m old and tired and I just want to be left alone. I want to sleep 20+ hours a day in a cozy, warm, quiet place. I want to spend the rest of my time doing some light grooming, snacking, and pretending to hunt a little. I don’t want to be licked from head to toe to tail until I’m dripping wet. I don’t want to play hide & seek or tag. And I don’t want to cuddle with a giant cow-spotted feline that snores. I’m 17 years old – don’t I deserve some peace and quiet, Sammy???

      • Kitty……..point taken…… that you tell me you’re an eldercat who just wants to enjoy life and not be pestered by a young whippersnapper (sounds like some kind of ride at a carnival) I “get it”…..I’d want the same thing if I were you. I say take back that box you donated for Pedro’s trip that’s not happening and find a quiet spot all your own. Hey – at least inside that box you don’t have to cuddle with Pedro – – – not enough room for TWO of you in there!!


        • I may have forgotten to mention that Pedro outweighs me by 12 pounds. 12!!! So the shoe box is gone for good…

          Sorry for venting about the Pedro situation. I’m feeling better today – I discovered that I fit under the couch and Pedro doesn’t. That’s going to be a peaceful spot for me to nap and come up with a new plan to get rid of the giant cow cat…


    • Hi Littlemiao,
      Thanks for trying to be optimistic, that’s very sweet. But I’m positive that I wouldn’t miss that big oaf. If I could get rid of him, maybe my human would get a nice hamster to keep me company. Or a goldfish. Something little and quiet…

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