major disappointment

My human’s dad has been visiting, and this morning he packed up his suitcase for the trip home. He lives in an urban area, so I was sure he would take me home with him so I could get more public exposure and have more opportunities. I got myself all packed up and settled in a box for the trip, but then he left without me… 

I’m so disappointed.


6 comments on “major disappointment

  1. A career set-back, Pedro, no question about it — but take heart from the wideness of the www. Other opportunities will present themselves, I have no doubt, given your major charm and handsomeness. True, the beans are a negative. You can prevail even so.

  2. Ah ha! Pedro – I somehow missed THIS post of yours, then read the next one Kitty did about hoping to be the only cat – NOW it all makes sense! Well, I know you hoped to advance your career by moving on with your human’s Dad when he left BUT I believe your destiny lies right where you are. There will come a time when you need to move on to the bright lights of the BIG TIME….enjoy your relatively quiet life while you can.

    Your Buddy Sam

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