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Maru’s 2012 calendars (yes, more than one) were released a few weeks ago, and a lot of stores seemed to sell out really quickly.  Since then, I’ve been planting the seeds of my own calendar in my human’s head.  I had envisioned photos for every month of the year, including a sandy, sexy beach shot for July.  Somehow my human’s artistic vision is WAY different than mine again.  What the heck was she thinking?

(And what the heck is going on with my bikini line???)


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  1. Pedro! My goodness……..somehow I would have thought a speedo might have been more appropriate for a dude like you……our humans very often have totally different “vision” than we do. What’s with that? I know that the twelve long years of training I’ve put in with MY human(s) rarely appears to have had an impact. The work is never done it would seem.

    Your Pal Sam

    • Hi Sammy. Just when I thought I was making progress with my human’s training, this happens… I can’t imagine how anyone would think a red polka-dot bikini was appropriate for a cat like myself! I think it’s time for some intense re-education…

  2. From the desk of Mojo Cat.
    Dear Pedro,
    Looking at this, I feel great sympathy for your plight. Clearly, a cat of your obvious talents is never going to get anywhere with this set-up. I am pleased to be able to offer you a position in my firm. We went global last year, remakes of the classics, that sort of stuff. It took me years to actually get this crew moving though. If you don’t want to jump ship, I understand – quarantine is a pain in the furballs. You could try this motivation technique of mine yourself. This tip comes completely strings free, cato a cato. Wait until they’re asleep, then sit on their heads and brainwash them. Low level purring, if you catch my drift. You have no idea how effective this has been for me. Our output is up 400%, sales are climbing and the cat food has all been upgraded. Try it, my man.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mojo Cat
    aka Katsumojo, master of the ancient art of Kat Fu fighting and subliminal messaging.

    • Aloha Mojo Cat,
      Thank you for the job offer. I don’t feel like I can leave Kitty at this time – she’s very old, and I know she would miss me terribly. However, I am very excited about your motivational techniques, and I see where my own attempts may have been less effective. My human sleeps on her belly, and I’ve been doing my motivational training from her rear end. I thought that would be less obvious since her bum is soft and comfy for napping on, but I can see how going directly to her head might have better results. Tonight I’m going straight for the noggin, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have steak instead of diet cat kibble. And the day after that, some fantastic photos that really showcase my talents. Wish me luck!
      Pedro the Cat

  3. Careful with that mind-meld thing, Pedro. I tried that the other day and my Bean’s mind morphed into something awful. I’m just saying.

    • Hi Bugs! You are a very wise cat – it does seem like I could end up with a really messed-up human if I don’t focus my thoughts properly for the brainwashing. I mean inspirational education. Thanks for the advice.

      • In most instances, the risk of damaging them is minimal. Trust me, 99% of the time, there’s not that much to damage. If you do get a faulty one, all you have to do is reset them. Alt+ claw+thigh. I would urge you to go for it, and I’m on hand via my mind-frame at any hour. Just tune your whiskers to my channel.

    • Ugghhh!!! See – these are the kinds of things that can start rumors and ruin a cat’s career!

      Here is my official statement: While I don’t approve or disapprove of cross dressing and I make no judgements about creatures that cross dress (or not), I myself am not a cross dressing cat. If forced to CATegorize myself, I would say I am a nudist cat.

    • Maybe most people will be so stunned by my “magnificently floofy tummy” that they won’t notice the red polka-dot bikini… Of course, my tummy floof can’t compare to Lotus’ floof. Too bad there isn’t a floof CATagory in the Guinness Book of World Records – Lotus would surely win.

  4. Hi Pedro – thanks for stopping by our little blog! We’ve gotten caught up on yours and are now subscribed!

    Take care!

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