videopress frustration

Sigh…  I’m sad.  My human and I completed my very first movie today.  I was excited to share it with my adoring fans, but the VideoPress “buy now” button won’t work.  And clicking “contact support” takes you to a page with the message “Support is closed over the weekend whilst we work on improving our level of service.”  That’s kind of oxymoronic, isn’t it?



14 comments on “videopress frustration

  1. Ah Pedro….the road to total stardom is apparently sometimes rocky….or lumpy….or whatever….but it appears that “minlit’s” counsel regarding believing and willing worked. Congrats. You have moved yet another step closer to your goal!


  2. Yaj! Thanks so much! I was trying to remember the word ( oxymoronic) all morning!

    Congrats on your first video! As far as I understand you managed to upload it as I saw it in the earlier post .

  3. I’ve never had lettuce – my human thinks lettuce is pointless. But I do like the leafy part of celery or carrots. That would be good on pizza. Maybe with some Tillamook Medium Cheddar. And an anchovy or two. Or maybe Bugs would prefer Kitty’s pet goldfish on his!

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