excited about halloween!

I’m really excited that Halloween is almost here, but I’m having a hard time deciding on a costume. This one is a contender. Would it be wrong of me to use Mojo Cat’s brainwashing passive education techniques to get my human to paint stripes on my fin – so I can be a TIGER SHARK???


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  1. IT IS NEVER WRONG TO USE MY TECHNIQUES FOR (let’s call a speyed a speyed, shall we?) BRAINWASHING.
    Humans need their brains washed. They’re so full of junk. Imagine what they could achieve if they had our focus, our single-mindedness, our sleep allocation.
    If you wish to be a fish, then plant the wish in the ish-wish-dish (human head).
    Some may call me irresponsible. Some may call me unreliable. Some go ahead and throw in undependable too. But I tell you. We have a mission. Wash the brains and we will achieve wonders.
    Mojo Cat.
    aka The Mojovator.

      • Maybe Lotus could lend Sprocket some of his fluff and Sprocket could be a lamb. I got Sprocket a sailor collar and cap but the collar is too big and he didn’t like the hat. Do you have any ideas for Sprocket?

        • Sticking with your nautical theme, I think he’d make a great pirate. You could make him a little peg leg. He’s probably too small to have a parrot on his shoulder, though. Maybe you could substitute a smaller bird – like a finch, maybe? Although cleaning the poo out of his fur would be an awful job… Maybe he should just wear a bandana like Sammy the Spoiled Cat. 🙂

        • Oops – just realized that may have sounded callous. I’ve been undergoing sensitivity training. Obviously I could use some more work in that area… But he would look cute with the tiny eye patch. 😀

        • Sprocket would make the perfect pirate. I’m afraid he would eat the bird, though. A little wooden leg would be great but he would probably try to eat it too. I think he’s teething. I’m seriously going to look for some cat-sized pirate gear, maybe a miniature pirate flag too. You don’t sound callous, Pedro, although I am sure that the training you’re receiving will help you on your way to becoming the world’s most famous cat.

  2. Pedro I’m liking this costume of yours……with the aid of the Mojovator’s recommended technique no doubt your human will cooperate and put stripes on that fin so you may achieve your dream of being a tiger shark for Halloween. I’m jealous. I was planning on wearing my Halloween scarf but that’s just not exciting enough. I’ll have to come up with a Plan B. Hmm…….the mind boggles….

    Your Bud Sam

    • Hi Sammy! I think you would look pretty cool and Halloween-y in your scarf next to your jack-o-lantern. But maybe this is the year to think big and go even bigger, since Mojo has taught us how to be anything we want to be…

  3. I like where you’re going with this, Pedro, it shows promise. May I contribute my .02? Talking of tiger-stripes, check this out: http://news.nationalpost.com/2010/06/08/photos-chinese-paint-their-dogs-like-pandas-tigers-in-new-fad/

    Meanwhile, I feel called to chase down Bean’s e-mail where she first heard about this. I can hack her account – no problemo for I am The Bugs. She showed me those pics and also other things – you know what fairies are? those. Plus, how to say this, flowers? with stems on the legs? Crazy.

    Let me know your thoughts. Later.

    Your friend Bugs

    • Hi Bugs! I always appreciate it when you share a bit of your wisdom with me… Wow. Those dogs really are something, aren’t they? How do you think the big one feels about looking like a tiger???

      My human has a book about fairies. It’s kind of dark – Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book. I thought it was fiction and the fairies were a myth. Am I wrong about that? If so, that book really is horrible…

      • May I be honest? I am somewhat confused here. This often happens when I associate with beans. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of entities called fairies. I have no idea whether they’re real or not. Probably figments of washed bean-minds and as I seem to recall saying somewhere here, that is a scary concept at least where my Bean is concerned. How the dog felt? Good, I would imagine. Well, good-ish. Given that the poor old smelly merely looks like one of our relatives. We are not deceived. Anyways, my brother, always good to be talking with you. I am worried about those pressed fairies though. Sometimes my Bean finds pressed spiders in books she hasn’t opened in a long time — no surprise given her house-“cleaning” “skills.” I don’t think this is a good thing at all.

    • Hi sophiescott196. I think there are 3 main types of cats – those that spend their days focusing on their cattiness and acting snooty, the thinkers that spend all their time calculating and figuring and contemplating, and those that just want to see and do absolutely everything and live every moment to it’s fullest (during the 5 or 6 hours they’re awake each day, anyway). Myself, I’m a live life to the fullest kind of cat! Yahoo!!!!!

    • Far be it from me to point out the obvious here, but I feel you may not be seeing the woof for the fleas. There is a massive opportunity here to exploit your obvious talent as a costume consultant. From the number of comments, cats are clearly in NEED of such a service, and your keen eye and no-nonense approach could make you a perfect ‘dresser to the star cats’, as well as being a purrsonality in your own right.
      You know I’m right,

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