my first movie – thank goodness it’s short!

On one paw, I’m VERY, VERY excited that my technologically challenged human has taken the initiative to experiment with video and editing without my “suggesting” the idea to her…  On the other paw, I’m pretty sure we’ll be sued for copyright infringement…  On the third paw, there really isn’t a whole lot of action in this movie to enthrall my fans… I hope you see my amazing potential as an actor-cat and enjoy this mercifully brief movie despite its obvious flaws!


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  1. Pedro – your screen presence is enviable. But for Cat’s sake, get yourself a new DP! Sound track and other production values pretty good though. Just fire the DP and you’ll need a new shelf for all the oscars.

      • Totally. I had a Drunken Panda and replaced him with a Dinky Pony. He straps that ol’ camera on his back and it’s steady as a rock. That and the drinks cupboard needs a lot less topping up. You need a more stable DP. Otherwise it will be podium panda-monium when you’re not the name coming out of that gold envelope.
        I have your best interests at heart.

      • What are these soft-claws where-of you speak? I don’t think us Brits (with our stiff upper claws and whatnot) hold much truck with such things! We still have telephone poles on which to manicure ourselves!

        • Soft Claws are nail covers. They’re glued onto my claws, and they keep me from scratching Kitty or my human… Kitty had already been declawed when my human adopted her. So it’s only fair that I can’t use my claws on her.

        • Ahhhh. Gotcha. I was wondering, cos I’ve seen them on a few blogpusses, but never on any here. What happens when the claws grow? Do you have to replace them? Are they made of silicone or something? Do you feel like google?….yeah, yeah, ok ok, I’ll go and look them up!

          • That’s OK – it isn’t often that I’m an expert in something! The claw covers start falling off after 3 or 4 weeks, and as they come off my human just trims my nail and glues on another one. They’re kinda rubbery – maybe silicone… I don’t really mind wearing them on my front paws (on the rear they make me way too slippery!), and they look kinda cool.

    • Hmm… So many smart-kittied answers to choose from…

      a) They were abducted by aliens…
      b) I sold mine to pay for the VideoPress upgrade, and these were the only ones I could afford with the change…
      c) The Drunken Panda ran off with mine, and these were the only replacements in stock…
      d) My human loves to say, “What’s black & white & red all over? Pedro!”

      And the correct answer is… “D”. That, and she and Kitty are clawless, so the Soft Claws even the playing field a bit.

    • I’m an indoor cat, but I can climb my cat tree and furniture and walls just like normal. I don’t have them on my hind claws, and those are the ones I use most for climbing and traction. Soft Claws are a much better alternative than declawing. (Doesn’t it seem like they should hire me to be their spokescat? Especially since I look so cool with my red claw covers!)

  2. Declawing is illegal this side of the pond.
    I guess if you spend your time inside it’s ok. I wouldn’t want to prevent Not Cat from being able to climb trees. He enjoys it, and it means he get out of danger.

    • I think it was really lucky that Kitty and my human found each other – Kitty didn’t have claws, so she needed a human who would keep her safely indoors but who would also make sure she had lots of things to see and do and indoor trees to climb, and our human wouldn’t be able to have cats with claws (or uncovered claws) now because she’s immunosupressed. So Kitty and my human were really made for each other. And I’m really happy that they make Soft Claws, so I’m safe for both of them… I’m glad vets don’t declaw here anymore, but I’m also really glad that someone invented Soft Claws.

  3. Star quality in the making! MeiMei loves her hot pink claw covers. They look stunning against her black fur. I do think red is definitely your color.

    • Aloha Msmouse. So nice to hear about another kitty with flashy feet! Are hers for your health, or the health of your furniture and household items? It’s good that mine are for my human’s health and the health of my ancient roommate cat, as I still manage to destroy almost everything I touch! 🙂

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  5. Wow, I can’t believe I missed this. I felt like I could reach out and skritch your chin. Your amazing chin! And to stare into those eyes! I hope you get the DP situation resolved soon so we can have more movies.

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