name that pooch poll

The little pooch has been named, so the poll has been closed.  The winner of the Name That Pooch Poll will be announced shortly!

Remember how my human’s dad left without me? Apparently he missed me so much that just days after he got home, he went in search of a pet just like me. Unfortunately, gigantic cow-spotted cats aren’t that easy to come by. So he ended up with a tiny cow-spotted puppy – a Cavalier King Charles/Jack Russell Terrier mix. It’s unfortunate that he had to settle for a dog, but I understand his need to fill that void…

Here’s the problem: no one can agree on a name for the poor little thing! In order to avoid fighting and bloodshed among my human’s people, I’ve decided to use my blog for a poll. Please help select a name for the little guy!  If a name is chosen from a write-in poll entry, the cat (or person) suggesting that name will win a free lifetime subscription to my blog (lifetime of the blog, that is).  No purchase necessary.  


11 comments on “name that pooch poll

  1. Well, I voted…..although I don’t think my vote showed up on the poll…..BUT it’s the effort that counts right? So your human’s dad settled for a cow-pup…..I’m not much of a dog guy but it IS cute. For a dog.


  2. Awww, what a darling pup! For what it is worth, I would have gone with Bo. It’s cute. I promise that when you run for president, I won’t be late for the election.

    • Thanks for contemplating voting, Littlemiao. Once again, you’ve shown impeccable taste – Bo was my suggestion…

      I’ll be sure to give you some reminders for my presidental election. Maybe some post-it notes stuck around the house would be helpful…

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