holy cow-spotted cat – part 2!!

On August 27, my post http://pedrothecat.com/2011/08/27/ showed my surprise at having had 500 visitors.  And now, 6ish weeks later, I’m preparing for my 2000th visitor.    Want to know what the big difference between this milestone and that one is?  I’m not surprised anymore!!!  I’m smart and sassy and fabulous, and I’m going to be famous!  Look out Maru, here I come!


10 comments on “holy cow-spotted cat – part 2!!

  1. Well, I for one am not the least surprised oh great cow-boy that you are about to cross the threshhold into the 2000 club. I thought you were destined for the big time when I first began checking out your blog and I am pawsitive it’s gonna happen – and soon. Congrats from one blogcat to another.

    Your Bud Sam, One Spoiled (but nowhere near as famous) Cat

    • Thanks, Sammy! I won’t forget the little cats when I hit the big time! I do think you need to change your title – it’s only spoiling if you don’t earn it. You deserve all the treats, toys, and cardboard boxes!!!

      Pedro the Nearly Famous Cat

      • Hmm….I may have to consider doing that. I could change my blog to “onedeservingcat” …… or “oneformerlyspoiledbutnowdeservingcat”…. or “deservingnowusedtobeconsideredspoiledcat” ….. or….. never mind. I’ll keep you informed should I change things. 🙂


    • No cows yet. Being an inside cat, it seems like a herd would be hard to come by… But somehow my human got it in her head that she needed a Dinky Pony (I wonder how she got that idea) and she found a little cow-spotted Shetland Pony. That didn’t work out because our condo has a 40-lb limit on pets, but I’m sure he would have recognized me as his superior, if not diety.

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