avast ye kitties!


I look like I’m about to make some puppies walk the plank.  This might be even better than the Tiger Shark costume!


14 comments on “avast ye kitties!

  1. So lemme see if I got this right. A peg-leg means there’s no shin underneath. An eye-patch means there’s no eye underneath. So — using deductive logic — a nose patch means there’s — NONOSE!! Dar!!!

      • Excellent work. I think you have found your talent. You are veritable chamelecat Not sure about a cat sized hook, but I comandeered some pretty good swords – originally for BBQ. I leave creatures fear stricken. Well, not sure I need the swords for that. In fact, I’ll post a pic of it later if you want to see.
        I take it the BW programme is going to plan?
        Later alligator,
        Moochy Paws (Mojo)

        • Thanks, Mojo! The BW is going great, as evidenced by today’s photo. I truly believe I can succeed in anything if I can control my human properly. And thanks to you, that’s a piece of cake! I’m interested in the BBQ swords. I’ve never seen such a thing, but all cats know that everything is better BBQed, so I bet they’re fantastic weapons… An alligator costume would be really cool. I wonder if it would scare away all of the geckos. You’re full of good ideas as always, Mojo! 🙂

  2. Now you’re talkin’ Pedro……….the pirate gear is way, way cool. How many birdies did you have to catch to get enough features for the hat???? This “look” is so much more YOU than the jester thing. Seems to me the Mojovating must be working out well for you.


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