halloween horrors

A jester?  Really???   I requested a superhero costume with a cape, and I ended up as a jester?  With bells?  No one who has seen me in this ridiculous hat could ever take me seriously as a businesscat.

There ought to be a law about dressing cats in lamé.  Especially purple lamé…  I feel a rash coming on…


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  1. I feel your pain. Must be a glitch in the BW programme. Hit alt + claw + thigh and reset. Should be fine tomorrow. if not, you may need to reload the software. That’s escape + open windows.

    • What do you mean by “glitch”. Hasn’t this been tested before? Ugghhh… Purple, Mojo. With bells!!!

      I tried the reset thing over and over and over already. If I can’t regain control of my human, I’ll be ready to escape out those open windows!

  2. Oh Pedro……I bet ten seconds after the flash went off, the purple lame’ hit the carpet too….am I right? I have to agree with you that after requesting a superhero costume and having your human bring home the jester get-up instead was a crushing blow to your search for appropriate Halloween gear. Just another bump in the road my friend.

    Your Bud Sammy

    • The jester hat attaches with velcro, Sammy. I was completely trapped in that hideous thing, while Kitty laughed so hard she coughed up a furball and my human snapped photos. It was really awful, Sammy… I’ve been traumatized by this whole experience.

  3. This really doesn’t have the same panache as your pirate hat.

    You could maybe get away with it if you weren’t intent on world domination. I’d suggest you try to obtain or suppress all copies of this picture in case it comes back to haunt you 😀

  4. Er, I actually like the look, but I agree that it is not quite as impressive as your pirate outfit. There are plenty of jester kitties out there, but you are a serious kitty with serious goals. Wearing that, you may get the world to kneel at your feet, but only because they are rolling on the floor laughing.

    Do you jingle when you walk?

    • Aloha Littlemiao. I think I would jingle, but I seem to have this strange condition – when I have a hat on my head, I’m suddenly unable to walk. Or move my limbs in any organized fashion, for that matter. I wonder if it’s a form of epilepsy. Or maybe PTSD…

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