name that pooch poll results

The pooch has been named, so it’s time to announce the official results of the Name That Pooch Poll. [Insert cheering and acclamation here.] The winner is [paws for effect] Angus! Angus???

Unfortunately, my voters had the sense to not suggest such a lame name. The family came up with that on their own. So there is no winner in the Name that Pooch Poll. I’m feeling incredibly generous today, though, so I’ve decided that every cat/human/whatever that participated in the poll should win a free lifetime subscription to the “maru can kiss my furry…” blog. Lifetime of the blog, that is. [Insert more cheering and acclamation here.]


17 comments on “name that pooch poll results

  1. Whew! For a minute I thought that poor little pup would be going through life being called “Angus”……I personally voted for Bo (short for Bovine) for OBVIOUS cow-like reasons. I can only hope his owner doesn’t wind up naming him (gulp)…….”SPOT”.


    • Thanks for voting, Sammy. Bo was my suggestion, but they vetoed it… The inability to give appropriate and creative names to creatures must be hereditary. Look at poor Kitty – she’s been with my human for 17 years and she still doesn’t have a name.

      • Can’t be taught. Born with it — or with some other unique and precious skill one must never reveal. Why Bean chose to reveal mine is a cause for deep concern. I refuse to yield to that concern, however, and I know you will be glad to hear I remain steadfast in my determination to achieve my breakfast. Is this one of those inane comments? You decide. I am unperturbed. Bugs

  2. Angus??
    It’s almost like Agnus, which is lamb in Latin.
    it also reminds me of something else but can’t think right now what it is exactly.

    BTW, loved the picture for the post! 🙂

  3. Simply Bovine…..” Angus” is Moo-Sic to my ears … least he won’t be caled “Brisket”…or Sir-Loin…At least they can call him Gus Gus for short. Thank you Pedro from the top of your furry little head to the tip of your fluffy tail for the lifetime subscription for the lifetime of the blog. I am thrilled & honored as well as amused beyond infinity.

    • Aloha Shelly! I hope you enjoy your subscription – I know you’ll need something entertaining during those cold winter days. And some day when I’m a famous celebrity cat, it might be worth big bucks! And you’ll be able to tell all of your friends, “Before Pedro the Cat became famous, I remember that he [Insert cute description of blog entry here, but please avoid mentioning the jester costume. Or Starbucks bag.].”

    • Brisket! Sirloin! Now those are names! Where were those suggetions when decisions were being made?

      I thought Gus would be a great name. But some of them are pronouncing it “Goose”.

      • Aloha, Goose. Maybe your humans have speech impediments. Or maybe they’re German… I agree that Sir Loin and Brisket would’ve been fantastic names. Or maybe Pork Chop for the irony. Would they call you Pork for short, though?

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