dinky pony

After viewing my first movie, my friend Mojo of http://confessionsofacatwoman.com/  suggested that I find myself a Dinky Pony. I know Mojo is very business savvy, so I immediately started shopping for my new DP. I had trouble finding one that could pass the homeowners’ association’s 40-lb pet rule, until I found Einstein! (I think he’s slightly overweight, but who isn’t?)

While Einstein isn’t the world’s smallest pony, he does have some attributes that make up for that – namely, the COW SPOTS! How perfect is that? Can you believe that I found a really dinky Dinky Pony, and he looks like me? And he’s a published author, so I’m sure he’ll be able to help me with my manuscript. He’s the perfect addition to my team, and I’m so excited! Now it’s time to plant the seed in my human’s mind and wait for her to begin recruitment…  Do you think he’ll fit in a flat rate box?


17 comments on “dinky pony

  1. You are clearly brothers from another dimension. It was meant to be. Better than having a brother from another dementia. Or sister. I’m talking about Parker.
    As well know feline collaborator George Peppard might say, I love it when a plan comes together.
    Now, if you need the coding for costume upgrades, let me know.
    Here to help,

    • Cousins maybe… We are the same size and share the same color scheme, but Einstein is cute. Possibly adorable. But I am pure feline purrfection – I am absolutely gorgeous! So definitely not twins, but maybe cousins.

  2. Oh Pedro you and Einstein will look STUNNING together……what a team. People will be seeing spots before their eyes – think of how Murine eyedrop sales will increase! I too think the flat rate box may be a bit risky…..unless they cut a couple of holes in it of course. Keep us posted.


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