halloween costume equality

Today I was forced to try on another ridiculous Halloween costume.  I prevailed this time by gaining control of the remote control and refusing to budge until those absurd pink wings were removed.  And then something shocking happened – my human put the wings on Kitty.  Finally, I’ve reached equality with the ancient roommate cat!  (Kitty might not realize we’re equals, as it seems she slept through the whole wingding…)


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  1. LOL, that’s funny. You know, for me the most interesting part out of all the costumes is Pedro’s nails. They look so made up and posh in those red things 🙂 Cool!

  2. Poor Pedro….PINK wings? I mean PINK????? I do, however, think that Kitty looks just smashing in them. Sleeping through the indignity would have been my choice too. As for you, just think – this “Halloween Phase” won’t last too much longer – – – for ANY of us. Hang in there…….stay strong…..keep the remote handy…..


    • Aloha Sammy! I can’t wait for Halloween to come so I can wear my pirate hat and then be done with costumes for a year! Kitty does look pretty good in the wings, although they’re a little big for her. 🙂

  3. Awww. Perfect. I have two pairs of blue fairy wings for my kittens, one big one small. I need to dress them up! I know you mentioned you are a large cat, but you must be giant because the wings look so much bigger on Kitty.

  4. Seriously have you called your Lawyer. I do think Kitty is adorable in those wings and I am sure your human was able to elicit a cheerful response to amuse herself. Never the less I would make her walk the plank. Your dependence on her to feed you even diet food has severe consequences that ultimatlely will affect your employment opportunities for a cat of your stature if this ever leaks out!!

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  6. Yah, that bit about sashimi reminded me, we just got to take the good with the bad. Good: Fairy wings on kitty, where they belong. Everyone knows you outgrow fairy wings so bean needs to get with that. Bad: Pink with red nails. Clash. If bean is going with the red theme, stick with the blues-related hues. Blues Hues. Wanna start a band, Pedro? Red guitars. Fame possibly? Food for thought. Sashimi. Really? Perfect example of blue-hue, BTW, plus delicious. A winning combo. Your friend, Bugs

  7. Hi Bugs! Thanks for commenting. You always seem to be able to break a problem down to its most basic issues… Unfortunately I won’t be able to join Blues Hues. Littlemiao invited me to be lead singer of the band Giant Cow Tripod. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll let you know.

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