updated – the scope of my enormity

Yesterday’s post, http://pedrothecat.com/2011/10/20/halloween-costume-equality/ showed a comparison of Kitty and myself wearing bizarre pink fairy wings.  I’m sure many of you were so busy noticing the size difference between Kitty and I that you didn’t notice the absurdity of the wings, so I thought I should address that issue.  I am a large cat.  I weigh just over 16 lbs, and my ground clearance is higher than a Honda Civic (although you’d never guess that from the photo on the left).  I’ve developed a visual aid to help illustrate my immensity:



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    • They look similar in ground clearance, at least. Sorry – I forgot I had an international audience. I would have included metric measurements, but American cats are allowed to be ignorant of the rest of the world’s customs and systems…

      • nah don’t worry about metric. I’m that strange transitional generation, so I frequently mix my measurements…For instance, I bake scones with a pint of buttermilk, but 100gms of butter…I think cats work on the empirical system of measurement: Full or Empty, scalable, not scalable etc. Anything in between is irrelevant.

  1. In the UK we are mainly bilingual over measurements, though English miles are shorter than Irish ones and longer than US ones. Don’t know about the Scots and Welsh.
    You are a big handsome lad. Even bigger than Cat was, I believe. Somewhere on my page i have cat’s length from nose to tail, but I don’t think I ever measured his height. I think the term is voluptuous.

  2. Good Morning Pedro…..I was noticing the way those pink wings looked on you vs Kitty yesterday but remembered you said you were a BIG BOY. I’m a twelve-pounder myself but a few years ago my Mom had a friend who had two 25-lb. cats so they made me feel rather (to borrow a phrase from recent discussions regarding Einstein the pony) – “DINKY”…….anyway, you know the saying about how size doesn’t matter…..ahem.

    Your somewhat less hefty friend Sam

  3. Aloha Sophiescott196. I’m a pretty open cat, but waist size was just a little too personal… I have big bones, so I thought ground clearance would put my figure into perspective more than my CMI. A cat with NO ground clearance is clearly a little tubby…

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