feline winter fashions

Even in Hawaii, most cats wear thicker coats in the winter.  This year mine sprouted much earlier than usual, which made September pretty toasty for me…  My human thinks my cold weather attire is different from most cats’. It seems as though my white fur gets longer and thicker, but the black fur doesn’t change.  This photo shows the phenomenon perfectly – notice the beautiful halo of floofy white fur next to the sleeker black cow spot on my side? Whether that’s normal or not, I think my winter coat is definitely a fashion “do”.


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  1. Pedro your winter attire is quite striking…..perhaps a dab of Persian in your genes? Perhaps you are truly wearing DESIGNER GENES……whatever it is, you look fabulous. I told Mom that if she can find me a cow-spotted sweater I would FORCE myself to wear it out in the snow this winter. But only if it’s cow-ish. I like the look – whether or not it looks as good on a ginger tabby as it does on the “original owner” remains to be seen.


    • Hi Sammy! Thanks – I think my winter coat is pretty fabulous, too. Aren’t Persians kind of dainty? I don’t have an ounce of dainty in me… Today I broke 2 plates and a cup and spilled a bottle of water, and then got myself wedged in the vacuum cleaner between the handle and hoses. And none of those events are at all unusual…

      I think you should hold out for a cow-spotted cardigan with BUTTONS. Gotta have the buttons!

  2. Your winter coat is gorgeous and luxurious. I will have to show Sprocket; we can see if he copy-cats you by making his white fur floofier than his black fur. We live in Wisconsin where thick winter coats are a necessity. I am not surprised that you live in Hawaii, which I have heard is quite a paradise (and where the bugs are very very large).

  3. Pedro you are a handsome cat. Could your stand out white floofy-ness be associated with static electricity in any way? Here in MissouREE, our cows with black and white spots put on a winter coat too and look like dairy cow fashionistas but you have them beat in the most beautiful coat department! Not to mention your sweet, umm handsome fuzz face.

    • Aloha! In Hawaii static isn’t a big problem. I think that it might be related to humidity. In fact, I’ve only seen static in videos where humans stick balloons to cats with static electricity. Humans are entertained by the strangest things…

      Do cows get winter coats? It’s probably good that I don’t life in MissouREE because my black spots would be chilly…

    • Aloha writingfeemail! I am beautiful, so I hear that a lot. But I don’t think I’ve ever been called peaceful or sweet or peacefully sweet before. Thank you for giving me those attributes to add to my resume (CV for my non-American fans).

  4. Hi Pedro!

    You are a handsome fellow! Thanks for stopping by my blog — I did notice that the posts you liked best all had a certain feline in it. Coincidence? 🙂 I can assure you that she matches you in attitude, although she is probably less than half your size.

    Do go easy on poor Kitty — one day you’ll be seventeen, too, and Karma has a way of biting furry a**es…

      • Hehe, that’s probably a good thing. When Isla sees a tomcat, all she wants to do is ATTACK. (Then again, she is that way with female cats, too.) All the neighbourhood cats are terrified of her, even though I keep her on a leash. It may have something to do with her youth as a street cat in Spain. It took me a couple of years to teach her to _play_ — clearly not something she ever got to do as a kitten.

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