be afraid. be very afraid…

My human agrees that the only satisfactory Halloween costume I’ve tried is my pirate hat, but she decided that I couldn’t be seen in a costume that everyone and their DOG seems to be wearing (see I’ll agree with that. But watching her making my new costume is making me a little nervous. Anything combining paper mache and catnip spray can’t be good…


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  1. Papier Mache, you say? Did I pick you up right on the nip – it’s gonna be laced with nip? Aren’t you afraid of being seen as a giant nip cushion when you go on your trick or treating rounds?
    I did pirate once. Curse of the Black Furball. Picked up the Paw Do’r and a few Oscats, I think. I don’t really keep track of these things, but I looked pretty damn hot, if I do say so myself. These people pictures just don’t cut it beside us guys. Once you’ve seen cat, you’ll never go back.
    Keep us posted,

  2. I should think if that costume is laced with catnip spray that you will, in fact, be better “suited” (so to speak) in a costume as “Pedro the Pied Piper”……you’ll have quite a following (literally) as you cruise through the neighborhood in that costume……I’m anxious to hear just what your Mom has in mind as an end result – paper mache’ and balloons and catnip is gonna be quite spectacular!


  3. Oh my, I can’t begin to fathom what you will be. Surely it will be something unique and magnificent, and therefore perfect for you.

    I have to confess that balloons make me somewhat nervous.

  4. “Ohhhh, dear. Pooooor Kittay. The worst possible indignity ever invented by humans is the costumes they expect us to wear with dignity. Humiliation is NOT an attractive thing. If you decide to shred all the curtains in the house, you will be totally within your rights to get even. There is not a jury in the world that would convict you. We are eternally grateful that our human would never do that to us. It could be be because she is just too lazy, but we think it is because she feels so sorry for the animals. They always have that pathetic look on their faces when they are dressed in costumes. It is pure humiliation times ten. Or it could be she fears our ability to get even,” quoted to me by my three cow-spotted cats.

    • Actually, I kind of like my pirate hat. The only humiliating thing about that is that EVERYONE else seems to be wearing the same hat this year… That said, the balloons and paper mache seem like they’ll have a pretty high humiliation factor. How can that possibly be good?

      • Yip they sure do. However, pretty much all cattle (male and female calves) are dehorned at a very young age. Having grown up in the country, I witnessed this many times, and it’s one of those things that you just never really….well seeing it never gets any easier!

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