amuse-bouche (not for the squeamish)

I know my human works hard and I can be a little demanding at times, so this morning I planned a little surprise to show my gratitude.  I knew it was her day off, so just before sunrise, I woke her up with a nice, long bath and hair grooming session.  Then I left her alone so she could enjoy the little breakfast treat I left on her pillow.  Forget Wheaties. Geckos should be the breakfast of champions!


15 comments on “amuse-bouche (not for the squeamish)

  1. Wow. You are so generous to leave such a yummy breakfast for your Peep. My Miaolings have caught mice but they have never given them to me. You know how to reward those who deserve rewarding, and that will certainly help your ascent to world dominion.

  2. Excellent thoughtfulness, Pedro. And how was she with all that? Never mind. We don’t really need to know. We can appreciate our own true merit. Because we are — The Felines. Your admiring friend, Bugs

  3. Very nice Pedro! Little breakfast treats like that are our way of making sure our human companions know how much we care for them – and want them to have nutritious meals. Nothing like starting off with a little gecko-licious breakfast bar……burp……


  4. Sir, your good taste is only outdone by your generosity and physical charm. She must have been fair overcome with emotion.

    • You should have heard her squeal with joy! And the high protein breakfast was good for her – she jumped right out of bed with lots of spring in her step. Obviously she appreciated it, since she bought pumpkins for me… I should do that more often.

  5. I’m probably going to be the only one but I’ll say it: ” oh, poor gecko :(”

    Here, I said it.

    As for the topic – it just shows how quick and healthy Pedro is 🙂

  6. Well done, Pedro. I surprised my humans on Friday night by playing with a toy in the living room while they had company. Then my human got a funny look on her face and came to see what I had. Her expression was one of complete wonder as she picked up my little shrew. I figured I would let her have it since the joy of the game was spoiled when the shrew quit wiggling.

    I heard them talking and could not believe it, they had the audacity to think I was playing with a fur ball! How disgusting can they get!! Cats have class!!!

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