wishlist item received!

After watching the Big Cat Rescue videos on Sassafrass’ and Nekoka’s blog   I had serious pumpkin envy.  I quickly added pumpkins to my wishlist.  My human came through for me right away!

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10 comments on “wishlist item received!

  1. What’s better than a bag-o-baby-pumpkins! Gosh….I wonder if I whine enough today my Mom will go get me one or more of those at the grocery store. I do know that she’s going to get a pumpkin to carve just for me – every year she and Dad make a “cat pumpkin” instead of the traditional scary pumpkin carving most normal people do (my parents are nowhere near normal). Congrats Pedro on getting an item from your wishlist…’ve inspired me.


    • I’m jealous of your annual cat pumpkins, Sammy… My human talked about carving one this year, but decided not to. Probably a safe choice – her knife skills are lacking, and she needs all of her digits to scratch my ears and rub my belly!

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