happy halloween!


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After much deliberation my human decided on the one Halloween costume that would really showcase my physique and personality. So then she got out the paper mache and started building my costume. (Yes, building.)  The horns were a bit too small, but my udder was



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  1. OH! hahahahahhahahahahahahah! did you SEW the udders on? it looks like stitching?!! argh!

    That pic of the horn over one eye made me think that Pedro was measuring the distance between you and him and calculating the length of his claws….!!

    Very nice!

    PS. hahahahahahahahahaa

  2. Holy Cow! Congratulations to you and your human; to her for making that wonderfully life-like cowstume for you and to you for having the moxy to pull it off – well – not pull it off but manage to keep it on really. I am impressed……in a word…….WOW.


    • Thanks, Sammy! I was so disappointed when I realized everyone was going to be a pirate, but I love my udder even more! And to tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad the horns were too small. They were a little heavy… All in all, I think this has been a successful Halloween for both of us cats, Sammy!

  3. totally LOL. In all my experience of dairy animals, this has got to be the best. And trust me, I’ve seen a few. You have totally outdone yourself.
    ***** reviews all round!

  4. Wow! It is so lifelike I thought you must have hired your own (very handsomely spotted) milk cow.

    Happy Halloween! You definitely win the costume contest. 🙂

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    • My human and I have an appreciation of all things bovine, so we really like your “cow of the day”. I never imagined that I could be your featured cow, so I am flattered and humbled and ecstatic that you featured me… OK, maybe not so much “humbled”.

    • Thanks, Bugs! It’s pretty fun to wear an udder. You can borrow it sometime if you want. Your noggin looks smaller than mine, so I bet the horns would cover more than just a single ear on you… Maybe if the V-E-T thought you were a cow he’d leave your ears alone.

  6. Pedro,

    That is one amazing costume. You are quite the cow-spotted-cat cow. I’m impressed. I do like hats, so was unaware you were actually wearing that as a costume. It seemed to fit your dashing personality. In my ignorance I had mistaken it for a three musketeer’s hat and did not recognize it as a pirate hat.

    You do look almost like my mom; same eyes and nose, but your nose stripe is the same color but not shaped exactly like mom’s. I wear a raccoon mask of deep brown and have amber eyes and a brown and black striped tail.

    Once again I am relying on my human to type this for me. So please do not confuse her gravatar with me. I am a beautiful cat. Cheers, Duke

  7. Going along with your boviness, I was hoping you’d do something with cows. But I just couldn’t imagine how to attach teats. I’m udderly amazed at your human’s skill set. Costume = 10 points!!!!

    • Any cat can be a pirate or jester. It takes a special kind of cat to wear an udder! I like to call that special something Bovinity…

      My human does have mad skills – paper mache, tummy rubs, uhh… She’s good at Scrabble. And she has a wicked sense of humor.

  8. I love costumes and was Puss in Boots for Halloween. I’m sorry that the photo with the horns is on the internet. It looks a little like poop growing out of your head but all in good fun. I hope you got candy!

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