a word from kitty…

Pedro asked me to send his regrets.  He’s unable to post anything new today because he’s busy bouncing around the house, wearing that ridiculous udder and trying to say MOO without a feline accent.  The good news is that he’s so busy studying Bovinity that it’s been hours since he harassed me…


6 comments on “a word from kitty…

  1. So Pedro’s become as attached to the udder as it became attached to him huh? At least it’s giving you some Pedro-free lounging time which certainly must be a welcome break for you Kitty!


    • From the desk of Kitty:

      He really loves that udder, Sammy. I don’t really understand it, but I’m enjoying every minute of relative peace and quiet. I don’t even mind the constant “moo-eowing”.

      Do you think this cross-dressing will hurt his chances politically? I’ve really been looking forward to the day he goes to live in the White House…

      • From the Desk of Mojo Cat:
        Dear Kitty, the whole cross-dressing might actually help to differentiate him from the rest of the presidential candidates. I think. He could run on a ‘cream of the crop’ ticket. Or maybe that would just be milking it. It’s maybe not the perfect slogan, but it’s not a lost cowse yet. I will give it some more thought.
        Anyway, Pedro For President.

  2. I don’t blame him – he’s so handsome in an udder. I didn’t think anyone could be handsome in an udder, but Pedro is shattering all my preconceptions.

    *head skritches* to Kitty

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