Kitty seems to have started her own page on my blog.  You should check it out – her first entry is pretty funny…  She seems to think I won’t notice, and I’m not going to burst her bubble yet.



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    • Kitty’s post from yesterday is amusing, but she’s not as witty as I am. So your keyboard should be safe this time… Have you considered one of those plastic keyboard covers for your snorting problem?

  1. It should probably be known that Mojo has fallen head over heels for Kitty. He may compose some sonnets or something for her. Don’t be surprised.

  2. Mighty generous of you to allow your housemate to express herself on your blog, Pedro. Come to think of it I did allow my human a spot to brag about herself on MY blog so perhaps we’re both just big-hearted softies? . . . . . . naaaaaw . . . . . . moments of weakness perhaps but never SOFT ! 🙂


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