an apology…

I feel as though I’ve been neglecting my fans this week.  I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t had much time to devote to my blog.  And, unfortunately, today isn’t going to be much better…  Today was laundry day, which everycat knows is exhausting.  Between supervising the front-loading washer, managing proper sorting, and overseeing folding and distribution I was busy all day long…


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  1. Pedro, we know just what you mean. Our human thinks she can make a bed with the clean sheets out of the laundry, but she must have our help. All three of us get on the bed and jump onto each wrinkle just as she pulls on the sheet to straighten it, then we pat it down and dash under the edge to make sure it is smooth underneath as well. We run all around and one or the other stays on top and jumps on us. It takes her a good long time to get it made. She’d never be able to do it alone.

    They never seem to appreciate all our efforts and it is such exhausting work. Yawn, we think it’s nap time.

    Jasmine, Rosey, and Duke

    • I let Kitty be in charge of making beds – feeling like an important household contributor improves morale. And that leaves me free to supervise the warm towels. It’s a tough job, but somecat has to do it…

  2. I too have the daunting challenge of laundry day to supervise Pedro so I totally understand how time-consuming this chore is. Helping to sort, guarding the basket as it makes its way to the laundry room and back again…..helping to fold and put away – and then of course “the call of the empty basket” which needs us to hop in and inspect every corner to make sure ALLLLLLL the clothes are out of it…..then snuggle down inside and take a nap. All that activity is – well – tiring. I get it. I feel your pain. Hopefully today will be less harried for you.


    • Aloha, Sammy! My human works today, so I’m looking forward to a “ME” day today after such a long laundry day. I can answer some emails, take a nap, do a little work, bathe, take another nap, etc. I’m looking forward to only thinking about Pedro the Cat today!

  3. We appreciate your realizing that when you don’t post, we just don’t know what to do with our time over here. Nap, wethinks. See ya — soon, you hear?? :: thud ::

    WHAT WAS THAT?? Another earthquake??? –Nadbugs

    • Aloha Bugs! I’m glad you seemed to have escaped your earthquakes, tornados, and thunderstorms unscathed… If you have more aftershocks, just lay down, close your eyes and pretend you’re getting a fabulous kitty massage. Like “Magic Fingers” without the quarters.

  4. A laundry basket isn’t complete without a cat.

    You are so dramatically handsome with your cowkitty spots. Every time I see you, I swoon. And what magnificent whiskers.

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