reviewed business plan = renewed confidence

Yesterday I was wandering through WordPress, and I found a post entitled “Blogger Scores Book Deal for ‘You Are Not So Smart’ “.  (I know I should be able to turn that title into the actual link, but I haven’t figured out how yet.  So use this instead: .  Give me a break, I’m a cat.  I’m also going to use the feline excuse for not knowing whether a blog title should be underlined or put in quotes.  I did both.  Go big or go home.)  In that post, there was a quote from David McRaney that confirmed that my entire business plan is sensible and realistic.

As a businesscat, I’ve wondered whether my strategy translates well into the human business world.  And as a new blogger, I’ve wondered whether my plan is progressing at an appropriate rate.  After reading the following paragraph, I knew that I am absolutely on the right track:

“This is an amazing and revolutionary time for writers,” David says. “The barriers to entry are so low, and the platforms like are so well made, anyone with a voice can start shouting and be heard. Instead of writing a book and hoping a publisher won’t throw it into the slush pile, writers can start a blog and build a fan base. They can prove to publishers there is a market for their work and their voice.”

I am firmy entrenched in Phase I of my business plan, which consists of building the brand and establishing a fan base.  In Phase II, I will be prepared to leap that low barrier to entry with manuscript in paw and followers following.  With or without a Dinky Pony or Drugged Poltergeist or whatever, I will be a successful businesscat and celebrity…  And now I just need to find another few thousand subscribers.  And take a little nap…