reviewed business plan = renewed confidence

Yesterday I was wandering through WordPress, and I found a post entitled “Blogger Scores Book Deal for ‘You Are Not So Smart’ “.  (I know I should be able to turn that title into the actual link, but I haven’t figured out how yet.  So use this instead: .  Give me a break, I’m a cat.  I’m also going to use the feline excuse for not knowing whether a blog title should be underlined or put in quotes.  I did both.  Go big or go home.)  In that post, there was a quote from David McRaney that confirmed that my entire business plan is sensible and realistic.

As a businesscat, I’ve wondered whether my strategy translates well into the human business world.  And as a new blogger, I’ve wondered whether my plan is progressing at an appropriate rate.  After reading the following paragraph, I knew that I am absolutely on the right track:

“This is an amazing and revolutionary time for writers,” David says. “The barriers to entry are so low, and the platforms like are so well made, anyone with a voice can start shouting and be heard. Instead of writing a book and hoping a publisher won’t throw it into the slush pile, writers can start a blog and build a fan base. They can prove to publishers there is a market for their work and their voice.”

I am firmy entrenched in Phase I of my business plan, which consists of building the brand and establishing a fan base.  In Phase II, I will be prepared to leap that low barrier to entry with manuscript in paw and followers following.  With or without a Dinky Pony or Drugged Poltergeist or whatever, I will be a successful businesscat and celebrity…  And now I just need to find another few thousand subscribers.  And take a little nap…


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  1. Well, considering so many of your subscribers are cats, each with nine lives, I think your current subscription figures do not reflect the true statistics of your following.

  2. Due to the dynamic business plan you’ve put into place, and the obvious success you’ve had thusfar with said plan, I think WordPress wll be hard PRESSED (get it?) to keep up with you, widget-wise. It’s most imPRESSive that you have surpassed the 4,000 visitor mark and amassed a following of 743.2 subscribers in a relatively short time Pedro. Speaking on behalf of me (after all, how can I presume to speak for anyone else BUT me) I am in awe….(well, actually I’m in Virginia but you know what I mean). I can but only hope that one day my own humble blogging efforts will pay off with that many adoring fans. Now pardon me while I go talk to my human about revising OUR business plan…..something must be amiss…….

    • Hi Sammy! Using my new method for computing subscribers, I’m up to 764.8 now. Maybe more – I’m not really sure of the Idiot’s pet situation. Yahoooo – look at me go!

      It seems like your blog is doing well to me – I know you’ve had almost as many visitors as I have. I read it every morning!

      • Perhaps if I apply the Pedro method of computing I’ll feel a bit better about my number of subscribers too…..meanwhile, Mom keeps telling me it’s all about QUALITY not QUANTITY when it comes to subscribers; I’ll have to think on that a bit. We look forward to seeing what you and Kitty are up to every day too!

        • We really should demand a widget that calculates subscribers by cat lives, etc. In the meantime, I think your blog is doing just fine… You’re going to have your 4000th visitor soon. Do you have any plans to celebrate that milestone?

          • Good idea on the widget thingie…..celebrating a 4000th visitor does seem to call for some kind of celebration – I’ll have to think about that…..PAR-TAY? Write a special poem? Post a picture of my parents in a compromising position? …. Any suggestions? After all, you’ll be celebrating that yourself as well!!

  3. Hi…I found you via an email that Lahgitana sent me regarding this post. I started my blog back in 2008 and am now in the process of writing a book about the whole experience and the effect it has had on my life. I have followed the plan that you featured in this post and started by just building up a nice fan base of regular readers. I had never even considered writing a book before a number of readers started urging me to look into it. Just keep doing what you are doing. The more you write, the more content that will make it out into the search engines, and before you know it, your blog will really start to snowball. It took a few years on my blog, but it did finally take off and has exploded beyond my wildest expectations. So, like your post mentioned…. I am writing my book, and once it is done, I can take the manuscript to publishers and then point them to my blog to show the potential audience the book would have. Best of luck to you and happy blogging!

  4. I always see you taking time out from important cat-business to comment on other blogs, so I came to have a look! You can add two cats, one human and a dog to the count. What’s a dog worth? My guess is .7 of a human (1) , so much less than a cat’s big 9!

    • Welcome, heretherebespiders! It’s essential for a businesscat to be well-informed of current events, so I do browse the other cat blogs a bit. Thanks for boosting my revised subscriber count so much! I actually figured dogs were worth .6, except for rumpydog because he’s so cat-savvy and he lets me call him Rump.

  5. I think you’re onto a winner with your plan, but I’d strongly recommend you follow Kitty’s suggestions. She is a talented Management Catsultant after all 😀

    (PS Two cats here to add to your figures)

  6. The day I nominated Bugs for Cat of The Day, I got 1,468 hits. You might like to try it? I’m not sure how many of those readers stayed with the blog — but they sure came thundering over for one day . . . .

    And about getting the link to show up when you click on your text? I had OldCat to help me with that, on the post where I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger: Read down into the comments on

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