pedro the [wise but hungry] cat

In the words of Winston Churchill,

“All [cats] make mistakes, but only wise [cats] learn from their mistakes.”

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that you’ve seen this before, and it wasn’t pretty.  You’re thinking that I didn’t learn from my previous mistake.  You’re thinking I’m going to fall off this couch with this bag on my head.  And you’re wrong…

This time I carefully judged the size of this bag full of tasty-smelling goodies before I stuck my head in completely, so I knew there would be no chance of getting stuck with a paper bag on my head again.  I am a wise cat.

Oh, no!  That’s not my order!  I can’t believe that my human forgot my order again.  And she’s just sitting there, eating her fries and pretending nothing’s wrong…

I should scratch Churchill’s quote and replace it with Bill Purdin’s, “Those who cannot admit making stupid mistakes are destined to repeat them over and over.” Who the heck is Bill Purdin?  Zemanta doesn’t even know who he is.


12 comments on “pedro the [wise but hungry] cat

  1. Wow! That’s the first time I’ve heard that Pedro’s human is a “she”. I don’t know why, maybe because Pedro is a “he”, I imagined his owner also is. ( I’m not sure if there’s logic in it, but that’s how it worked)

    • Aloha Alexandra! My human is definitely a “she”. I’m the only male in this household… I was thinking about adding a page with her bio, but I can’t imagine that anyone really cares about her. I’m MUCH more interesting.

  2. Pedro, you are amazing. Also you look so much like me, I am Jasmine, that my human thinks we must be related. I will insist she send you a photo. You will see I have your same beautiful face, ear tufts, colors, and eyes. Do you also use your tail to make certain your human is sufficiently covered in cat hair from her thighs down before she ventures out of the house? I can teach you those tricks if you do not know the secrets.

    Keep up the good work. We are two of a kind.

    • Wow – I’ve only met one cat that looks like me before. Do you look like my driver’s side, or my passenger side?

      I don’t shed too much. I think the climate helps, and I make my human brush me a lot. So I just scent her all over with my cheek glands so everyone knows she’s mine.

  3. Pedro I can see the look of disappointment on your furry face. How could your human forget your order? Doesn’t she realize by now that it takes FUEL to keep a powerful engine going????? Thinking, napping, grooming, napping, napping – all of these things take energy and that means food. Good grief. I hope that when you gave her “THE LOOK” she at least gave you a nibble of something? Anything? Salt off the fries at least?

  4. Hi, Pedro!
    After reading your comments over at Sammy’s blog, I’m finally visiting you. My kitty, Sundae, sometimes takes over writing a post on my blog. I, too, love kitties, and look forward to reading more of your writings!
    Sorry about that forgotten order…. we humans shouldn’t forget our sweet kitty babies’ special treats!

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