my human, cont.

Ladies and gentlemen and cats and Rumpydog, I am proud to unveil my favorite photo of my human:

Sure, Kitty did a fine job on her post about our human yesterday. But I knew I could do it better! Our human is quite elusive, so I was amazed to find this photo in the archives. It was taken just as my evening brushing session began.  (I know it was evening because we’re starting on my driver’s side.  In the morning I like to start with the undercarriage.)

P.S.  Kitty has had almost double the number of hits that I’ve had today, which is unheard of and untolerable (if it isn’t a word, then it should be).  So please check out this page several times.  And invite all of your friends.  I have less than 10 hours to remedy the situation.


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  1. When Sprocket sees toes he can’t resist the temptation to nibble. I’m glad to see that you show more restraint. And no wonder your coat is always so beautiful – you have a very dedicated groomer.

  2. Hmm…..your favorite photo of your human seems to have more of your rear quarter panel in it than your human’s foot. However, as this IS your blog, you should be the focal point. I adore grooming too – whenever I hop up into my human’s lap, she has my pink wire brush at the ready. OOPS… sounds kind of feminine and I’m far from that – let’s just call the color light red instead of pink OK? Anyway, love the photo of your human’s partial leg/foot. Thanks so much for sharing!!


    • Pink is OK for a brush, Sammy. I have a pink one, a purple one, and a big green one. But my new favorite is the scalp massager my fans sent me. That one is like heaven!

      My human is a bit like Sasquatch. Not so much the furry creature living in the wold part, but she’s almost equally elusive. There are a lot of photos of where my human used to be…

  3. Here’s the thing, though. As far as we can discern, nobody commented on Kitty’s page. Right? I rest my case. This here page on which we scribble has, let’s see, eleven and counting. I rest my case.

    • Actually, Kitty has a total of 18 comments for her Top Ten list, and 7 of them are her or I… I’m up to 14 comments including this one, but 7 of them are mine. So she basically kicked my rear on that one. That’s OK – tonight I’ll hold her down and groom her until she’s a big, drippy, Kitty mess. That will make me feel better. 😀

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