introducing my very best friend

I’m so excited!  I finally have some photos of the last member of my household to share with you. He’s my very best friend.  We have lots of long talks because he’s such a fantastic listener and is such a wise, peaceful soul.  He’s a fastidious cat like myself, so sometimes we have baths together.  And he’s almost as handsome as me!
Unfortunately, he’s really painfully shy. He won’t talk to anyone but me, and he doesn’t ever leave the bathroom.  In fact, these photos look a little awkward because he’s so embarrassed that my human saw him.  In a couple of the photos you can tell by his ears that he’s cranky.  I’m surprised that he didn’t just run away…

Introducing (drumroll, please) Mirror Cat:

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this one… Pedro will sit in the bathroom for hours, talking to Mirror Cat. He’ll have really long baths and discuss current events and his aspirations with Mirror Cat. And Pedro doesn’t even notice that Mirror Cat never says a word… Our human thinks it’s adorable, and she’s been trying unsuccessfully to video tape a conversation. Who’s going to be the one to break it to him???

  2. From the Desk of Mojo Cat:
    Pedro, any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Very glad Mirror Cat is a true friend and didn’t turn out to be one of those ‘single black&white feline’ types. You don’t want one of those in your pad!
    Wishing you every happiness together.
    PS, You two look awfully alike, you know. Are you related?

    • I bathe. Every cat likes a good bath in the morning, or after meals, or before meals, or before hunting, or before bed, or when they feel uncomfortable, or when they feel comfortable. I like all of the above!

      • Pedro, don’t forget the ultimate delight that is being given a bath while at the same time giving them a bath. (works best with family and Very Close Friends).

  3. Pedro, who’d have thought there would be another cat out there who looks JUST like you?! Not only that, he lives right there in your bathroom! A doppelganger (My human just said that word and it sounds kind of scary doesn’t it?) cow cat. Too bad he’s so shy though – hanging out in the bathroom all the time just can’t be good for him. You might consider suggesting a different name for him though than Mirror Cat. Maybe something like Ordep? 🙂

    p.s. CONCATULATIONS ON GOING WELL OVER 4,000 HITS BUDDY…..I just noticed!!

    • Hi Sammy! My human actually named Mirror Cat. I just call him by his nickname, Meow. I’ll ask him if he likes Ordep, though. It does have a ring to it…

      Just last night I was trying to convince him to meet me in the kitchen, but he just won’t budge from the bathroom… I saw a documentary once on 3-toed sloths, and it said they turn green from mold because they sit in one place in high humidity and they hardly ever move. I hope Mirror Cat/Ordep never turns green. That wouldn’t be pretty!

      Thanks for the concats! I need to think of something BIG to celebrate!

  4. Mirror Cat is almost, but not quite, as handsome as you. I would like to meet him some day. I have a feeling he isn’t as soft and fluffy as you are. Also, I think he might be something of a copycat, but imitation is after all the sincerest form of flattery.

  5. Ordep! Double-icious! Hey, didja notice that both of you both of you have extremely extremely floofy excellent ear-floof ear-floof? Admiring! Admiring!

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