i wish every day was black friday!!!

I couldn’t believe it when my human woke me up at 3:00 am. I’m on my winter schedule and I normally start ordering breakfast and waking everyone up at 4:30 am, so I was tired and cranky as I washed my face and prepared for the day. I knew she planned on getting an early start, but this was just ridiculous!

I was having a tough morning, so imagine my delight when my human returned home a couple of hours later with a fantastic present. And it was for ME!!!

I love my new box.  Look at how roomy it is!  It’s perfect for laying in wait for  the perfect moment to pounce on an unsuspecting gazelle.  Or Kitty.

Black Friday is the best holiday ever!


24 comments on “i wish every day was black friday!!!

  1. Oh wow! Now that looks like a perfectly designed box! Nice and flexible – allowing for just enough “spring” to gain a perfect arc in pursuit of prey – yet sturdy enough to slide inside and crawl around to find the perfect spot for a quick snooze. Your human certainly knows how to celebrate black Friday that’s for sure. I’m green (well……red and white actually) with envy.


  2. Purrfect! The best gift Motor Mommy ever gave me was a plastic Walmart bag. I flattened it until it was just right, and I love the sound it makes!
    Your friend, Sundae

    • Ooh… I love plastic bags. Unfortunately, our county banned plastic bags this year (don’t get me started on the stupidity of that one!) so I only get those when my human travels. Have you seen my favorite bag – there’s a photo of my grooming myself on it in the photos just under my header on the home page. i think it’s from Sports Authority. The plastic is the PURRFECT thickness!

  3. That is a fine new box. You look very handsome in it. Your peep was very brave to be out there shopping yesterday – clearly she loves you very much to risk getting trampled by the crowds in order to find you a such lovely box.

    • She is brave, but she’s also a big haole girl shopping in a world of teeny, tiny Asian and Pacific Islander people. (Not being racist or anything, I just don’t know how else to build the right image in your head…) And she had a friend there as backup.

      I’m struggling to define the word haole without offending anyone. In general it refers to caucasians in Hawaii. Some haoles find it offensive, but my human is OK with it and I don’t mean it in an offensive way… Besides, I’m hapa haole myself (half white!). 😉

      • thank you for your fascinating insight into Hawaiian culture.

        This reminds me, somewhat off-topic, that one of Sprocket’s nicknames is “Teeny Tiny” even though he isn’t anymore. Once he reaches your grand size, I will probably still call him Teeny Tiny.

      • Well you have to be brave in this world of whole-haoles, my friend. Didja hear about the “woman” who pepper-sprayed the competition? Apparently a true story. In California. Where else. Well, New York might be the obvious other place.

        • Shoppers in New York are slightly more subdued since the 2008 trampling death at a Walmart…

          Why did the woman who pepper sprayed people in Walmart get more publicity than the man who was shot outside a Walmart by someone trying to steal his Black Friday purchases? And why do all of these things happen at Walmart???

          My human is a tough cookie, but she’s also smart enough to avoid Walmart like the plague!

  4. Lucky!!! My human refused to even leave the house. She “claimed” she was afraid of being trampled and that she was tired. I don’t believe for a second, she only stayed up until 2am cleaning the entire house and the furniture of cat hair. I don’t get it, it is called “fur”niture after all and we three kitties work very hard to cover it completely.

    Then she got up early and cooked dinner for 17 humans. She wouldn’t let us out of the kitty room all day, claiming that we would check all 17 forks to make sure they and all 17 plates were lined up properly and were completely clean.

    But it turned out okay. After everyone left she fed us turkey!! and let us snooze by the fireplace.

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