a warning to my friends

I’m not usually a very serious cat, but I have a serious message for my fans tonight. Over the last week, I’ve noticed some weird things about some of my new subscribers. There are a few that appear to be trying to sell products or looking for donations to their causes when I’ve gone to their blogs or clicked on their gravatars. They may be legitimate businesses or charitable organizations, but I don’t know that for sure. So I just want to urge everyone to think hard and really check out any organization before you even consider giving them any money. I would feel awful if any of my friends was taken advantage of by someone they connected with on my blog…

Having said all that, I will also feel awful if I’ve alienated a real new friend by writing this post. I hope all of my subscribers understand that I’m just looking out for my friends. Cats are fiercely loyal creatures. It’s part of our charm. 😉


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  1. Pedro, do you have a spam filter on your blog? My mom has one on hers, and it somehow (it’s a miracle!) detects those type comments and puts them in a special folder. My mom can then decide whether or not she wants to approve them. Sounds like you’re getting some of those.
    That’s nice of you to warn your readers/fans though, Pedro! You’re the best! Your friend, Sundae

    • Hi Sundae. My replies are filtered, but sometimes comments that don’t get filtered seem kinda spammy… Can people who “like” our posts be filtered? I’m more worried about someone clicking on a gravatar.

    • I’ve had a couple of those, which is one reason I keep moderating. But if they have their own blog set up, all they need is a gravatar to lure people in. And being an active part of a community might make them seem more legit, I think.:(

  2. I have seen something like that, where a sub seems to be a business site and not so much a personal one. But since I don’t know how someone besides me can even get at the list so it seems odd to join a subscriber list for spam purposes…Likes and comments seem an easier way to go, because you might get readers as well as the blog writer.

    • My concern is that they’ll like a post or make a comment that spam filter or ME filter doesn’t catch, and one of my readers will end up sending money to poor kitties in Guam that don’t really exist. I agree that “following” is strange, but it would let you track a target audience…

  3. Pedro, thank you for the tips. I am new to this blogging thing and my human does speak for me. But please note, my human is actually a drawing she did for a children’s book she is working on, but if she doesn’t finish and sell that thing soon you will see her on the side of the road with a cardboard sign begging for $$$.

    Sincerely, Duke (via Shez’s fingers)

    • I’m not very good at this stuff yet, but these new subscribers make the hair stand up on the back of my neck just a bit. So that means we should all be careful… You are welcome here, even if you send your human out to beg for cat food. But the minute you put a visa and mastercard logo on your site, I’m going to be watching you like a hawk! Or maybe a Kittyhawk. (?) 🙂

  4. I know exactly what you mean! Most people that follow me, are cat lovers, and not people that write about serious things like money and donations – if you know what I mean. So I’m not sure whether to follow them back, because I only want to follow and subscribe to blogs I truly like.

    But I’ll never donate to organizations I don’t know, and that don’t seem ‘legal’.

    But thank you so much for the warning, Pedro!

  5. I was followed by (that sounds creepy) a lady who does makeup. If she knew me at all, she’d know she was barking up the wrong facial! I wonder if these folks then click on our blogroll lists and just keep on hunting till they snag someone. yaaarrrggggh. why can’t we all just get along and be HONEST!!??

  6. Ooo yea, you need a good spam filter. Per post I get at least five or comments from someone saying ‘thank you for your great review, I’ve made up my mind about my product purchase’. Errrr, wtf? I blog about cookies 🙂 Filter ’em good!

  7. Hey Pedro – I think I know the ones you mean. You are right to be on your toes – may be harmless, but still, something struck me as odd too…

  8. Thank you for looking out for us, Pedro! So far I’ve been lucky (I think) with the spam filter getting most stuff. However, I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to check the spam folder regularly (it comes with WordPress) because sometimes “good” comments end up there, if the commenter included more than one link or something like that. All the spam I’ve gotten so far has been very obviously spam.

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