struggling for goodness’ sake

It’s December 1. Everycat knows that Santa is checking that list twice, and I’m trying as hard as I can to be good so I don’t end up on the “naughty” side. Today I struggled with that a little…

I’m not really sure how I did this. Sometimes gravity effects me more than other cats…
Then I seem to have sat in something sticky – maybe the honey that was all over the kitchen floor.  After I pushed it off the counter… And then I seem to have rolled in something granular.  And then I had to have a bath.  With soap and water.
Then I coughed up a hairball on my human’s bed. Be thankful that there’s no photo of that one.

I’m hoping that Santa was watching a different channel today – Peruvian cats, perhaps.


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  1. Ooh. I wish we had plants to snack on!

    The bath wasn’t too bad – I was afraid that I was about to become a walking ant farm, so it had to be done. And I like the bubbles. But now I smell funny. 😦

  2. Pedro! Love the snow falling all over the place on your blog….and trust me – I certainly have had days like you had yesterday. It sounds like you bounced back rather well though. Santa knows not only WHEN we’ve been naughty and nice but WHY we’ve been naughty and nice….and he knows that your naughty streak was not intentional. At least I hope he does. It was nice that you gave your human an early Christmas gift too! Did you wrap that hairball up first?

    Your Pal Sam

  3. Sounds like an eventful day for you. Maybe the remaining days til Christmas will go a bit smoother for you. Sooner or later, Santa will get around to your channel, you know!

  4. The towel bar is truly a mystery. Were you practicing gymnastics?

    If I were Santa, I would definitely put you on the “nice” list. Pity I’m not Santa…

    Now that I think about it, maybe I should write to Santa to explain that my miaolings really don’t belong on the “naughty” list either. I want them to get plenty of gifts. They didn’t mean to shatter my grandmother’s antique lamp and they don’t mean to bother their Miao uncles and Sprocket doesn’t mean to eat everyone else’s food. Santa should understand.

  5. oh the snow on your blog!!!! I cant stop play’n with it, mom keeps pushing me away, but I jump back on the dest to play with it. So cool!!!! Be good Pedro!!!!

  6. This account may make feel better about Not Cat’s loss of Beastie band with good bell, Loc8tor and telephone number tag into the impossibly overgrown dumping ground at the end of my neighbour’s garden. Thank-you!

  7. Dear Pedro,
    Gravity is not a friend. Advise your human to abolish it from the house and then these incidents will become a thing of the past. Honey jars will float in the air, towel racks will be superflous to requirements.
    Hope this helps.
    PS, she may need to contact NASA to get them to come and take the gravity away or something.

    • Aloha, Mojo. Glad to hear from you – I thought maybe Stripey Pants was holding you hostage.

      Didn’t NASA go bankrupt or something? Besides, I really enjoy gravity sometimes. It’s so much fun to push things off tables or counters just to watch them splat on the floor. I just wish that law didn’t apply to me… Maybe I need a lawyer instead of a NASA.

      • Thanks for your concern Pedro, but it’s just that time of year, you know. I’ve got a lot of products to get ready for my next big show in February, and several photo sessions to do etc. Also, on the QT, I’m counselling poor Zizou on the loss of his Whiskers. I keep trying to persuade him that he SHOULD care about such a tragedy, but nothing seems to depress the little blighter….Still, must crack on. Work to do. Cards to sell. World to dominate. Later alligator.

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