staying off the naughty list

I’ve developed a foolproof strategy to keep myself on the “nice” list.  I’m going to stay in this box until Christmas.  It’s very comfy in here, and there just isn’t enough room to get myself in any trouble.

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P.S.  I really don’t see how the USPS is in financial trouble when they have great boxes like these.  They come in sizes to fit lots of different cats, and they’re nice and sturdy.  And they’re delivered right to the front door.  Fantastic service!


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    • Aloha, Littlemiao! My tail caught me off guard there for a minute… The Soft Claws look very festive, don’t they? Especially with the snow.

      I think this is my best chance for staying out of trouble while Santa is making his lists and proofreading them twice. I’ll keep you and Sprocket posted on my progress.

      • Please do keep us posted! As soon as he saw your post, Sprocket found himself a box and he hasn’t bothered any of his miao uncles since. It’s working so far.

        You have quite the tongue for grooming. Remember not to overdo it!

  1. Pedro, have you gone soft? You know your bean will love you no matter what. Plus, what are you going to do about certain bodily functions? I don’t believe those boxes could stand up to that kind of treatment . . . . Just sayin’. Your friend –Bugs

    • It’s not about love, Bugs. It’s about presents from Santa. It’s about shiny paper and rustling ribbons and cozy boxes and great treasures inside the boxes. I just need to be nice for 22 more days…

      I hadn’t really thought about body functions. But I still can’t get Kitty to deliver any snacks to my box, so maybe that won’t be an issue.

      • Right. When am I going to get this? Stuff and eats. That is all. Love is for sissies. I’m the one who’s soft. Take this very minute, for example. She’s poking away at the lighty-box thingy and I poke her with my claws. She grabs me and picks me up and slobbers over me. Assaulted by love. Euwwww. Send help. –Bugs

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  3. Dear Not Cat, It was brought to my attention that you’ve been driving your poor human a little bit batty, so I wanted to make sure you’re aware of current events. It is December 4, which means that Santa has 3 weeks left to decide which cats are deserving of lavish gifts. He’s carefully watching all of us, and if we’ve been bad, we’ll get something awful in our stockings – pickles or duct tape or guitars (no thumbs, long claws). It sounds as though you’re well on your way to a useless stocking full of bottles with childproof lids…

    You need to pull yourself together and start pretending to be a nice cat. Do whatever it takes to just be nice for a few weeks… Think about the gift possibilities. What have you ALWAYS dreamed of – a package of lox? Canned tuna? A ball of crumpled paper? Little booties for winter expeditions? Maybe something nice for your human? A Ford car? The opportunities are endless!

    Good luck,
    Pedro the Nice Cat

  4. Good luck with “THE PLAN” to stay nice Pedro. There are a wealth of temptations around for us cats at Christmas. Staying in that box (which appears to be a PERFECT fit by the way) isn’t a bad idea for staying on the nice list. You need to be careful though……Kitty might sneak up on you when you least expect it and slap a bit of duct tape on the lid of that box and ship you off to who knows where?!


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