my list for santa

I’ve had some free time on my paws, so I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my list for Santa Claws.  I’m starting to feel like I’m asking for way too much, but I’m not willing to cut anything from my list at this point…  Here’s my rough draft:

–  I would like Santa to bring my BFC (Best Friend Cat) Sammy a heated bed to keep his toesies warm (all 97 of them! 😀 )

–  I would like Santa to bring inner peace to Bugs and Mr. Stripey Pants

–  I would like Santa to teach Calpurnia & Gus to love being brushed vigorously, often, and all over

–  I would like Santa to give Sprocket a tiny red beret

–  I would like Santa to bring Not Cat one of those bird videos so he’ll want to stay home more

–  I would like Santa to find a home for Katarina and Holly and the other special needs HOKAFI kitties

– I wish Santa could turn little Angus into a cat

–  For myself, I would love to have ahi sashimi for Christmas dinner, and an extra grooming session or two

–  More than anything else, I would like for Santa to bring Kitty some relaxation – she’s very tense

I hope I’m not missing anyone…


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  1. Aw shucks Pedro! I made your rough draft and what a wonderful Santa wish that is – just what I need – that heated bed I’ve been yearning for. AND you’ve been ever so generous with the REST of your list; wishing for everyone else you know well before yourself and even then, ahi sashimi (yum yum!) and extra brushing isn’t asking for much in the scheme of things. You even wished PEACE for Kitty. WOW. All 97 of my toes thank you… are truly my BFC too!

    p.s. that box looks VERY comfy……VERY

  2. Pedro, I am so touched by your thoughtfulness. You are so unbelievably sweet to include Katarina and Holly and the other HOKAFI special needs kitties in your list for Santa Claws. I will be sure to let them know. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Pedro, I think Santa might be helping me to cat-ness!

    …I am getting good at grooming and licking (with just a bit of biting), and leaping and pouncing,
    …I am teaching myself how to climb draperies.
    … I am working on my purr (should it sound like yip yip yip?)
    …I am nibbling Tillamook (and hoping for a gecko)

    Do you think it could be true, that I could grow uo to be a lovely floofy hairy-eared cow spotted feline? Thank you from the bottom of my currently puppy-dog heart, Pedro. And thank you Santa Paws!

    • Yay! There’s hope for you after all! It sounds like you’re making great progress towards cathood. Please keep in mind that cats are fearless, savage predators. So a cat would never say Santa Paws – he’s Santa Claws.

  4. Awww. My heart is warmed! I hope Santa listens because all these kitties sound so worthy and Sprocket would be adorable in a tiny red beret. You are really the most thoughtful and generous cat! Truly a purrfect role model for my Sprocket.

  5. While I don’t think that Calpurnia will learn to enjoy the tummy brushing or that Gus will tolerate much at all, thanks for the toughts, Pedro.

    Maybe Calpurnia will send some doubloons your way.

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