the best day of my life, continued!

Not only did our human bring home a Christmas tree just the right size for climbing, but she also got us a…

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CAT TREE!!! Can you believe it – two trees in one day!

This is the best cat tree ever – multiple levels for climbing and lounging, and the interior is big enough to hold me. With no parts hanging out. I’ve never had a tree that held all of me at once… Kitty says we should be thankful for Petco’s free shipping. Thank you very much for free shipping even to Hawaii, Petco! And thank you, human!


14 comments on “the best day of my life, continued!

  1. That does look like fun. But if my human got me something like that, I’d have to ignore it for a day or two….you know, just so she’d realize the whole thing was MY idea.

  2. Brilliant! Looks good and stable, too! Ours is cheapo and they’ve nearly destroyed it by leaping from the top so it goes over backward behind them… I didn’t realise you were in Hawaii!

  3. Pedro that cat tree is WAY WAY cool! Boy oh boy I sure wish I had one like that….I’m going to go drag my Mom over to see this….the only thing BETTER than this would be if that tippy top layer where you’re lounging was HEATED (for us eldercats). WOW. You’re one lucky dude.


  4. Another beautiful tree! And this one will last all year round. I’m glad your peep was able to find the perfect size for you. The Miao brothers have two very tall trees that they share with the Miaolings. Everyone enjoys climbing and Lotus and the Miaolings love leaping between the two trees. Sometimes they try to push each other off. I don’t expect you or Kitty would try that, though.

    • I would love a really tall tree, and it sounds like your cats have a ton of fun on theirs. But my human thinks a lower center of gravity is safer, and shorter cat trees might do less damage on the way down if they fall… Kitty’s not much of a climber, so I don’t get much opportunity to push her off anything. (Not that I would, anyway. 😀 )

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