broken cardinal rule

I seem to have broken one of the cardinal rules of successful businesscats – if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

I was so busy this week that I asked Kitty to write a blog entry for me.  I know she understood what I wanted, but the actual page she wrote was really counter-productive…  I wanted an entry to show my more serious, career-oriented side so no cats forget that aspect of my persona in the midst of all of the warm and fuzzy holiday hubbub.   But in all of the photos she selected, I was looking really goofy or sickly-sweet.  No one would imagine that the cat in those photos was a serious career cat.

I’ll admit that I was really cranky about the mix-up at first, but then I realized how ridiculous I was being…  I mean, she spends her days looking out the “window” like the photo on the left.  I never should have expected her to complete such an important task for me.

To apologize to Kitty for my astronomical, irrational expectations, I gave her a nice, long bath like she loves.  And then I moved the curtain, just in case she really wanted to see something out that window.
Please note that no cardinals were injured or ingested in the breaking of this rule or the writing of this post.

7 comments on “broken cardinal rule

    • I hope you’re right about the publicity, LittleM. In today’s cat-eat-dog business world, a career cat can’t afford to look too soft and floofy, if you know what I mean… I wish Mojo Cat was around. He always has sound advice.

  1. Pedro, that was a very nice gesture on your part; thanking Kitty for her work putting that photo portfolio together (however misguided it may have been) AND for providing her with a much better and less “gauzy” view out that window as a gesture of thanks. Her heart was in the right place that’s for sure…..and you continue to demonstrate WHY you are on Santa’s “NICE” list this year. 🙂


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