fun & games with kitty

The human has been neglecting me lately.  I have no idea what she could be doing that’s more important than catering to my every whim, but she’s hardly ever home these days…  Without anyone else here to amuse me, I find myself playing with Kitty more and more.  Sometimes I think maybe she doesn’t like the same games that I do, or maybe she doesn’t like it when I interrupt her nap to play.  But I’m bigger, so I get to choose.  That makes Kitty a little cranky.

(I think I have enough of Santa’s “nice” credits to make up for that!)


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      • You have a point of course, Pedro. I was thinking about it in a way that Stoopid Monkeys save credits: I’ll build a gigantic house that uses a ton of energy and space, then buy my way into environmental heaven by doing good elsewhere.

        Clearly I’m as cranky as kitty!

        How many credits do you have? How many more do you need? Surely you’re not in a deficit situation, Pedro?

        • Why are monkeys building anything? No wonder you’re cranky…

          I only meant that if Santa is fair, he’ll look at the big picture and see that I’ve been MOSTLY nice all year long. So I won’t automatically get labeled “naughty” because I made Kitty mad trying to play with her.

  1. There is so much to be cranky about. Nap failure will certainly do. Pedro, listen to lahgitana. Santa, being an old f*rt who’s probably well acquainted with the importance of naps, might not be as understanding as you hope.

    • But she sleeps ALL the time… And I do TRY to be good, I just forget sometimes. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

      Maybe I’ll go give her a nice, long bath to make up for it. She’s been looking a little disheveled lately, so she could use a good grooming session.

  2. The bath thing should cheer Kitty up considerably….she may think that the new addition (cat tree) is occupying more of your time than SHE once was so the extra attention couldn’t hurt. As for your human not being home – – – perhaps she’s focusing extra time and attention on getting the right Christmas presents for you and Kitty?????????????? Just sayin………


  3. Awww. Looks like Kitty has a different idea of fun. If only I could send Sprockers over to keep you entertained. Sometimes his energy is too much for his Miao Uncles to handle and he can be such a pest! Purrfect in small doses., though How would you like to Sprocker-sit this evening?

    Sprockers has already used up his “nice” credits from Santa. He was bothering Ping all night long – squeaking at him and pouncing!

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