big celebration at!

Holy cow-spotted cat!  Any second now, the my 6000th visitor will stop by.  In order to celebrate the milestone and thank my adoring public, I’ve put together a fantastic slideshow with some of my favorite holiday photos.

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  1. Maybe we should offer a prize for your 6000th visitor… How about the 6000th guest gets a 16–lb cow-spotted cat named Pedro? 😉

      • Awww – I would LOVE to be your cat, Littlemiao. I think you have the artistic eye and talent to really get my career moving, and my human is seriously lacking there. And you have SPROCKET! That’s OK though – I know you were busy answering all those comments on your Freshly Pressed post. Nice job!!!

        • Aww, you’re really the sweetest, Pedro. Thank you. I got seriously overwhelmed by the FP and didn’t answer most comments. Things are back to normal now though.

          Kitty and your peep need you! I think your career is progressing marvelously, though I understand that a determined leader-type like yourself easily gets impatient.

  2. Stunning indeed……nice slideshow to celebrate the BIG 6,000 (actually as I poked my head in the door here it said 6,020 visitors!!) and what a NICE Christmas present that is from all your adoring fans (of which I am certainly one….no – make it two since Mom usually sits here with me). As for Kitty’s typically charming suggestion of awarding the 6,000th visitor a 16-lb. COW BOY named Pedro…..I’m thinking she needs a nice long bath to cool down her crankiness this morning!!!

    • Aloha, BFC Sammy! Thanks for being my 6020th visitor! I’m glad you liked my slideshow. 🙂 I did give Kitty a nice long bath last night – mostly to apologize for all of the times I ambushed her from the Christmas tree. I feel a little guilty now, but it’s just so much fun!

  3. Such a great slide show. We are so much alike. Pedro, could you be one of my cousins? A couple of them got new homes and moved. The rest of my clan lives close and we get photos of them. There were ten of us all together.


      • Yes, all ten kittens were cot spotted. My mom Jasmine and my aunt/or/Grandmother Rosey are also cow spotted. My humans rescued both of the old cats. They had been abandoned and both were so skinny. Two weeks later Rosey gave birth to 6 kittens and ten days after that my mom gave birth to four of us. All together that was a dozen of us.

  4. Beautiful photos all! My favorite is the “nice list” one – that can be on your book cover. After seeing your Christmas tree pictures, my miaolings are begging me for a tree of their own. You look really good with green!

    • Thanks, Littlemiao. I was thinking of “Nice List” as my Christmas card next year. I have something planned for my book cover that you and Chun will really enjoy. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a preview of it later this week. 🙂

      You should definitely consider a tree for the miaolings. They’d have so much fun! And you’d have lots of fabulous photo opportunities.

      • Oooh, I’m looking forward to seeing the preview!

        My mother promised to lend me her mini-tree after Christmas. Not nearly as cool as a real one like yours, but it should be fun for us. I hope my mother understands that the tree may not be returned to her in the condition she expects.

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