the final countdown to christmas

Only one week until Christmas!!!  In my house and all over the world, cats are brimming with excitement.  Because some of those cats might overfloweth at times, I’d like today’s post to be a reminder that we should all be especially patient and understanding with cats and other creatures lacking in impulse control during the final week before Christmas.

Hmmm…  The tag says this one isn’t for me. Think anyone will notice the slightly clawed corner? Maybe I can convince my human that it came that way…


18 comments on “the final countdown to christmas

  1. Beautiful photo with that red ornament against your beautiful black and white coat! As for the claw marks on the package…hmm… you may have some explaining to do there!

  2. Impulse control….what’s that?? Never heard of it… for those little teensy weensy claw marks on that package – remember when it comes time to open presents, the paper’s ripping, the ribbons and tissue are flying, the Christmas lights are blinking, the camera’s flashing – – – who the heck’s gonna notice a few claw marks? I think you’re SAFE….heck, you could probably do more damage than just that little corner and STILL get away with it. Impulse control and Christmas just don’t mix!


    • I am definitely more precious than furniture. I don’t really like clawing furniture, though. Cardboard is my thing. And I know there’s cardboard under that wrapping paper. It’s calling my name…

  3. If it’s not yours, it should be! the wrapping paper is black and white, after all.

    I know I’ve said it a million times, but I love your markings. Sprocket is like you only he didn’t roll in as much milk.

  4. I have no patience either, so my human doesn’t put out our presents until later. But that doesn’t not keep us from investigating other people’s stuff. From MeiMei and Sunni. (using my human’s blog–so don’t tell).

  5. Do not worry about the scratches. Everyone who knows you would understand that you were trying to check to make sure it was the perfect gift for someone else. I actually guard the gifts under our tree. My human has a great photo of me doing that. I hope she shares it with you.


    • Aloha Duke! I would love to see a photo of you doing the very important job of guarding the presents! Maybe I can convince my human that I was checking for bombs or flammable items – like a TSAC (transportation safety administration cat).

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