recovering from a wild night

Uggh.  Last night was really wild.  I stayed up all night with Kitty, playing disco ball soccer with that little silver ornament that used to hang low on the Christmas tree.  (Kitty was the goal.)  Today I feel like I got hit by a bus.  Even my fur hurts…


16 comments on “recovering from a wild night

  1. Oh you party animal(s)! Up all night means sleep all day……but I bet you had fun! By the way, I snooze with one paw over my face too – although I don’t have red claws I can show off like SOME cats I know!!!!


  2. Goodness, your fur even hurts. That must have been a wild night. Glad you are getting a good snooze in. Better rest all day. Take care. Nice to meet you.

  3. Pedro, you poor baby. My human is recovering today as well. She was at a birthday party last night and drank one too many glasses of vino. It was for a good cause, it was a birthday party for her daughter. My human is at work today and I better get off her computer and go take a nap.


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