merry winter solstice!

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15 comments on “merry winter solstice!

  1. Pedro,


    I see you have surpassed you 6000th visitor by 157 views. Awesome Dude.

    Sorry if all my yelling woke you up. You can get back to your cat naps now. I will tiptoe out.

    Cheers and best wishes to your continued success.


  2. Love the slide show. That is great. We are looking forward to the longer days too. WE also love our boxes. It sure makes a great hiding spot. Have a wonderful Thurdsay.

  3. Hey Pedro, that’s a NICE box! How swell was that of your human to present you with another exciting box for celebrating winter solstice in. It looks like it’s a perfect fit! The only thing that would make it better might be a piece of tissue paper inside – you know – so there’d be that nice crinkling sound when you crawled in and out. I understand that’s an option on boxes though…you probably have to pay EXTRA for it.


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