everycat’s favorite holiday


I’m enjoying my Boxing Day celebration so much that I don’t even mind wearing this stupid bow.  At least it’s a manly color.


20 comments on “everycat’s favorite holiday

  1. Do human interpretations of colour apply to cats, I wonder.
    What would true cat colours be?
    Not Cat is excessively admired, as was Cat, for his gingerness, but some humans with ginger hair are routinely bullied for their colouring.
    Humans who sleep in boxes also tend to have a hard time.

  2. Pedro! It does indeed appear you are enjoying boxing day to the max. Amazing that your human found a bow for you that matches that box and yes – it is a manly color – unlike that red thing my Mom tied around MY neck!

    Happy Post-Christmas Recovery day…………

  3. this is a holiday a cat can understand, nice box dude, but we are mancats we need a tie! no bows for us. (mom stuck a red one on me, i was not happy)
    happy holidays !!!!!

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