the final resolution

For most of the world it’s already New Year’s Day.  But here in Hawaii, we have a few hours left to finish proclaiming our New Year’s resolutions and to freak out over the neighbors’ fireworks and karaoke.

I’ve finally come to a decision about my own resolution.  After much consideration, I’ve decided that most of the resolutions I was contemplating are unrealistic.  To avoid unnecessary stress, I’m vetoing all possible resolutions except one – I will be contacting Maru-san’s human to suggest he see a dermatologist for that mole.


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  1. Happy New Year’s Day Pedro….I hope the fireworks were fewer than usual, and the karaoke was quieter than usual for you, Kitty and your human last night on the “Eve”……strangely there were NO fireworks around here – a first for me in the 12 years I’ve lived in this house. People either fell asleep early, had too much bubbly to remember to do the fireworks, or both of the above – whatever – it was QUIET. I think your final resolution to suggest to Maru that he get that questionable spot checked out is very selfless and honorable. Just proves what I already knew…’re one heck of a caring cow-cat (but I won’t spread that around 😉 ).


    • Sam, Lucky you. It sounded like a war zone around here. Humongous firecrackers sounded like bomb explosions and big sky displays in every direction.

      We cats really don’t need resolutions. We are already purrfect.

      From Duke

      PS I live in Oregon with my mom and aunt (or grandmother, we aren’t sure) and my two servants who take care of the three of us.

    • Thanks for stopping by on your birthday, Old Cat! Maybe your neighbors are getting old too, and that’s why you didn’t have fireworks. 😀 It sure was loud here! And I just don’t understand why people think karaoke is a good idea. Maybe I’ll ask Maru about that, too…

  2. Again you hit it out of the park. Considering the title of this blog, I in feel myself some self-doubt. Could I possibly retract my claws long enough to do such a thing? This is the first time I have ever had this kind of thought. I must groom to reflect and to calm myself. I am sure this is an important insight but I am not yet sure what I’m going to do about it. Please keep modeling in this way and maybe forget about the other career. Inward-looking is big these days, even if cutting-edge so it may not yet bring the monetary recognition and the fame — but it can change the world too. Calm baths to you. I’m gonna take mine now which I’m in need of. See ya after. Your friend –Bugs

  3. Good luck! I used to know some Japanese but I haven’t used it in five years, or else I would offer to help you. Your concern for Maru’s health is touching. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

    Happy New Year! Special new year purrs from Sprocket to his role model.

    • I know the words for hippo, glacier, and danger. I doubt those will be very helpful, although I might throw them in the letter just to keep my language skills sharp…

      Happy New Year to you, Littlemiao, and all the kitties. And a head bump for Sprocket.

    • Happy New Year! I’ll admit that Maru’s nose mole isn’t unattractive. But cats and dogs with white noses get skin cancer, and that mole looks suspicious to me. I wonder if his human puts sunscreen on him when he goes for walks…

  4. Happy New Year, Pedro. I’m impressed with your excellent idea to basically skip any resolutions. I didn’t make any either. Same reason, don’t mess with perfection. 😀 Duke

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