starting the year with clean slates and clean paws

Happy New Year! 

New Year’s Day is a chance for humans to get a fresh start with a clean slate and a horrible hangover.  Everycat understands the importance of cleanliness, so we can appreciate the “clean slate” portion of the holiday at least.  So in the spirit of celebrating sanitation, I’ve made a slideshow with my favorite grooming photos.

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Some of you may remember Kitty’s time management page from November 13, 2011.  She estimated that 20% of my time is spent grooming myself or others.  Because so much of my time is spent grooming, my collection of personal hygiene photos is quite extensive.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy these highlights.


19 comments on “starting the year with clean slates and clean paws

  1. As a fellow believer in the fine art of obsessive grooming, I most certainly can appreciate how much time it takes to “maintain the territory” Pedro. But you ALSO groom Kitty which is most generous of you…..yet another reason you are a truly exceptional cow-boy.

    Here’s to another year of artful grooming!

    • Our whole household started the New Year with clean slates and paws, although my human cut her bath short. She said something about my tongue making her skin crawl and she put on socks so I couldn’t finish. So I guess she’s only clean-ish… Oh well. Happy New Year, Bugs and Bean!

  2. Oh Dog! You cats must always be getting into something because you’re always cleaning yourself. Me, I don’t need baths that often- thank goodness!

  3. What a wonderful slideshow. I’m showing it to Sprocket because he needs to learn to bathe more thoroughly. He likes grooming but he usually gets fixated on one spot and then he is distracted before he finishes. Also, he likes to splash in water and then roll in dirt (why do we have so many dustbunnies?), so he is constantly in need of baths. His white parts don’t sparkle nearly as much as yours.

    Maybe if I lent you my Tripod you could make a movie and we could watch your grooming. I’d love that.

    • I’d even help your Tripod groom, Littlemiao! :D. Dustbunnies multiply like rabbits. It’s amazing, and requires constant checking to make sure they haven’t latched on to a furry bit. You should definitely use my slideshow as a learning tool for little Sprocket. And encourage him with lots of treats – practice makes purrfect!

      • Sprocket could use a master groomer like you to teach him. Do you think if I put tuna juice on his fur that would encourage him to groom better? That way, he could get his treats and get grooming practice at the same time.

  4. I do like your photograph ‘washing amongst squashes’. Were they arranged artfully around you? Or did you scatter them after deciding you wanted to wash there? 😀

  5. Great techniques. Kudos to your human for getting great shots. Mine usually only manages a blur or we quit because of the bothersome noise from her camera. We hate cameras.

    Duke, Jasmine and Rosey

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