pedro the cat turns 7ish!


21 comments on “pedro the cat turns 7ish!

  1. Pedro! Dude! Happy Seven-ish Birthday! You do look fabulous but then you’re just a young whippersnapper (what is that anyway?!). Perhaps as a special birthday present you’ll get 7,000 visitors – how cool would THAT be?! I do hope that Kitty and your human are extra specially attentive to your needs today as you celebrate this occasion. Cake and ice cream? Party hats? Let me know and I’ll hop on a plane (or climb in a prepaid box) and join in. 🙂

    Happy Birthday………………..Your Pal Sam

    • Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday, Sammy! It’s going to be a quiet day, but it’s all about ME! My human will brush me for an extra long time, and then I get a pedicure. And there’s ahi for dinner – you hop in that box, and I’ll save you some sashimi! 😀

  2. Pedro,
    You have so entertained me over the Holidays …Rest enjoy your 7ish …wouldn’t a slow Gecko just top it off?……Enjoy your Sahimi ..Stear clear of the Wasabi that will age you for sure!

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